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How adsense works

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by romio, Nov 20, 2004.

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    Hi, can someone explain to me how adsense works, its very strange the way it works, most of the time I can’t view any ads but if you go to different page it views for example if you have:


    It might work and if you have www.index.php/viewtopic.php it won’t work though they are in the same place and having the same title (I have read that title might cause that to happen) also not being logged may not show any ads but as soon as you login it would show the ads.
    Can someone please explain why this is happening, I also have changed the location of the table with the script(adsense script), which it mean I have added the table after some links which might help find some links but that ended up with no success.

    Thanks in advance.
    romio, Nov 20, 2004 IP
  2. dejaone

    dejaone Well-Known Member

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    read google adsense faq
    dejaone, Nov 21, 2004 IP