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How a single page Blogger blog made me $100 per month from Adsense [Newbie friendly]

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by joyfulthiek, Nov 21, 2013.

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    If you think you cannot make money from Blogger and Adsense, the joke's on you. I've done it before and now I'm showing you how.

    In all honesty though, it was purely incidental. The single-page blog was originally created as part of my SEO campaign for one of my premium sites.

    Here's what I did:

    1. I chose a specific keyword with a low search volume of 800 - 1500 per month, $1+ CPC, relatively low SEO competition. This was in the same niche as that of the site I was promoting.

    2. I used an exact match subdomain in Blogger. For instance, if my keyword was red leather shoes, I'd use redleathershoes.blogspot.com.

    3. I posted a 500 word unique article, poorly written on my part though as this was just a tier II property for my SEO campaign.

    4. I did some social shares, bookmarking and comment backlinks (Scrapebox blast) to the site. Don't worry if you don't have Scrapebox, you can purchase a package from Fiverr.

    And that was it.

    I had forgotten all about this single page blog until after 6 months when I was looking at the search results for that particular keyword. The blog was on page 1 of Google.

    So I quickly posted a contact us page, about page, privacy policy page and a terms of use page and added Adsense to monetize the free traffic.

    I was easily getting $2 - $4 per day.

    I have since posted more articles to increase the earnings and have sold off the site to a friend.

    Here's the advantage:

    - Exact match domains/sub-domains still work and are easier to rank, even if not as powerfully as before.
    - No renewal charges and no fees. So even if it doesn't work out, there's no loss incurred.

    - You can do just that one initial Scrapebox blast and rank, even if slowly, because you're targeting a very specific keyword with relatively low SEO competition.

    - Google loves Blogger because it's their own product.

    - You can easily convert it into a full fledged site by purchasing a premium domain once it becomes successful.

    A new journey:

    Following the accidental success of this site, I created another Blogger blog to see if it still works. I started about a month ago. I posted 3 articles and did some social shares and a few backlinks.

    Within a month, I'm now seeing some odd $0.5 - $1 days although it's still irregular. But I think there's potential. I expect to hit $5 per day within 3 - 4 months if all goes well; I'll be doing some SEO eventually.

    If you have any questions, fire away. I cannot reveal any of the sites though, please don't ask.
    joyfulthiek, Nov 21, 2013 IP
  2. jamescastle

    jamescastle Active Member

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    Well just adding a few hours a week on it would increase the results. However, be careful with scrapebox as Google tends to penalize blogs when it comes to backlinks nowadays. Doing them manually with blog commenting and such is much better.
    jamescastle, Nov 21, 2013 IP

    PINK DONKEY Greenhorn

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    Do you write the articles by yourself or do you order it?
    PINK DONKEY, Nov 21, 2013 IP