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How 2 Make Money with Affiliate Marketing-ClickBank Ready-Super Niche-A Must Have!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by custommadewebdesigns, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Dear Friends

    Are you one of the many people looking to make a good living working from home?

    If you're fed up with your job, your boss and your long-term prospects,then you should do something about it.

    How often have you heard of someone making a ton of cash, in their spare time, working from home on their computer?

    Yes, everybody has heard about it from somewhere or another.

    But this isn't just hearsay, this is a Fact.

    Literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world are making more money working from home than they would be if they were working for someone else.

    And how they do it is no mystery. It's simply by running an Online Business.

    We are offering the easiest, most straight-forward business you will ever know, and it,s just a few clicks away . And all at an easily affordable price.
    Stake your claim today and get ready to make your Winter Sizzle!

    Take a sneak preview below to see exactly what I have to offer.

    You won’t believe it….it’s too good !

    You Will Receive A Unique Custom Made Top Quality Cutting Edge Website
    No Off-The-Shelf ,Mass produced template based garbage here.

    You would normally expect to pay anywhere between $797 to $1200 for a package of this power and quality, but with my Fall Bonanza offer you can save mega bucks. So What are you waiting For!
    BID NOW and Grab Your Part Of The $28 Billion A year Internet Boom Before its to Late!

    Bidding starts at only --- $300,00
    BIN (Buy It Now) is Only --- $597,00

    Just type below your reply and put in your bid ...

    or put SOLD, if you are paying the $597,00 BIN!

    Auction will run for 3 days Only! If by then the Buy it now has not been made i will declare the higest bid the winner.Good Luck and Happy Bidding

    Premium Domain Name - http://how2makemoneywithaffiliatemarketing.com/

    is a unique package which offers a comprehensive guide on How to Get Paid to Play Video Games. Both the design and content are 100% unique and exclusive, they will be sold Once and only Once..
    The domain name is the sites business's "address" on the Internet, so it's crucial that you have a good one like on this website business . The domain gives the public a hint of what they will find at your site. And the domain name relates to your products so it makes your site that much easier to find.

    Registered at GoDaddy - free push to the winner of the auction , ownership will be transferred to you upon receiving your payment.

    High Qaulity Unique Ebook - This is a freshly written ebook, with a Suggested Price of : $47 - NEVER before offered anywhere! This means that you can instantly sell it with personal rights on forums and showcase it within marketplaces like ClickBank and or paydotcom they'll eat it up over there.. You will recieve it in an editable Microsoft Word .doc and in .PDF format-


    Professionally Written Salespage - this page is not only gorgeous but extremely well written by one of the best seasoned copy writers around.


    Complete Affiliate Center - if you have ever searched for hot products on marketplaces like ClickBank or PayDotCom, you probably know just how impossible it is to find a lot of merchants who are savvy enough to offer us decent promotional material. If you don't offer your affiliates easy methods of promoting , they won't do it! This is your ultimate solution, a well crafted, extensive affiliate center that features custom animated banners and more. Tons of banners in all popular sizes and three ebook styles in multiple sizes ensures that your affiliates are given everything they need to promote your site!


    A Bonus guide
    - designed to give away to your visitors for list building purposes. - I know how important it is to grow a list in order to continue to expand your outreach and beef up your online earnings. In light of this, I have integrated a Free Guide that encourages visitors to subscribe to your mailing list without taking them off of your website!


    We have also included the following "standard" pages visitors expect from a successful website: Book Mark,Testimonials,Tell A Friend,Free Guide

    Why Buy this Business

    Would you like to earn a six-figure income from the comfort of your own home?

    Would you like to own a profitable website business and domain name that you can sell anytime?

    Have you been trying to find a way to work smarter instead of harder?

    Would you like to be able to sit back and watch the Internet make money for you?

    If your answer is "yes" to all the above questions, then look no further.


    Questions & Answers

    Q. Why Buy From Us?

    A. Now, don't get me wrong. There are ways to reach bona fide buyers and make some serious money using electronic marketing. But the vast majority of the people you will encounter claiming to offer you help are "get-rich-quick" con-artists who have a purely theoretical approach and no clue about the real-world techniques we've used to build this website. With over 8 years combined experience in web development and online marketing; We offer nothing more but the best developed sites you can find. Years of research, development and tweaking have gone into our websites to insure maximum revenue. Make sure your dealing with a well established, reputable seller..

    Q. I Have No Computor Experience Can i run this Business?A. Absolutely.This entire business is designed to be highly-automated and self-sufficient. It is easy to use, both for the owner

    and the customers. One person will have no problem running the site on his or her own.

    Q. Is There A Risk In Buying This Business?

    A. Absolutely Not,there are No risk as you always have the option to resell your website business if you are unhappy with it.And On average older and more established website businesses even sell for more.So it would earn you a nice profit! As well as the return on your investment.

    Q. How do I Make Changes To This Website?
    A. This website has been professionally developed to have very little to no changes. However, in the event that you do want to make some changes you may use are very affordable Webmaster Service and or you can do the changes yourself using Microsoft FrontPage and or Macromedia Dream weaver.

    Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

    A. Of Course like any business acquisition, income generation can not be guaranteed since the success of any business,be it

    online or offline,depends on the owner,s marketing efforts.However we do gaurantee that the product for sale is a complete working website.And all site contents and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time of transaction and for the duration of hosting on our servers. We are not responsible nor can we gaurantee contents transferred to another server as we have no

    control over the other server.

    Q. After Sales Support?

    A. Now this is where we leave our competition behind. Our after sale customer service is among the best. We offer continuing help even after the sale because we understand that not everyone is "website savvy" and that clients often have unique needs. We assure you timely responses and assistance as needed. Clients that have bought web businesses from us can attest to our Customer Service.


    Next Steps

    Instant Ownership, On completion of the auction you will receive an email from us containing payment instructions. Once payment is made you will receive an email from us with full details on how to proceed. The steps involved to transfer the website business into your name and are pretty straight forward and very easy to understand we are also on hand every step of the way to get your online business up and running in your name as fast as possible.


    Auction terms

    Please bid only if you are serious and going to follow through with your payment. Please be advised that your bid on this auction is a legally binding contract. Please ask any and all Questions before bidding.



    Professional hosting is a staple of any website. Keeping this in mind, we provide your website business with its own full-featured hosting account. Each account is served via our own private servers and supported by our expert hosting technicians. You will receive Hosting FREE for One full Month. Thereafter cost will only be $2.95 a month. You are free to move your website to your own hosting at anytime. however if you are unable to do so we can do it for you for a small fee of $5. The product for sale is a complete working website. All site contents and scripts are guaranteed to work at time of transaction and for the duration of hosting on our servers.


    So What are you waiting For!

    Bid Now and Grab Your Part Of The $28 Billion A year Internet Boom Before its to Late!

    See you at the top.

    Yours, truly

    Be more than what you can be YESTERDAY, by deciding your future TODAY!

    Auction Copyright 2009, - All rights are reserved
    custommadewebdesigns, Nov 4, 2009 IP
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    Hmm, can you accept moneybookers?
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