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Hot Chile - Chili Lovers domain collection

Discussion in 'Domains' started by mhdoc, Sep 15, 2007.

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    Are you passionate about hot chili?

    Would you like to start earning money from your passion?

    For sale are a collection of four domains that will let you do just that:


    These four non-hyphenated dot com domains make sure visitors reach your site for both spelling variants and even if they don't remember singular or plural. For those of you who are not technical, it is easy to set up a redirect so anyone who enters any one of those domain names, automatically goes to the one on which you have built your website.

    So, how do you profit from your domains?

    Online profits require two things: traffic and something to sell. If you don't want to spend money on advertising, traffic depends on the content of your site and getting that content indexed and noticed by the search engines. That's why the "Passionate" is important.

    With a little searching you can find a web hosting company that provides easy installation of Wordpress. Wordpress is a hugely popular blog software that makes it very easy to add content to a website.

    Now you start writing articles about hot chile. Possible subjects could be

    * How you discovered your love for chili
    * The varieties of chile
    * The difference betwee red and green; which to choose
    * How chile is prepared - roasting, grinding, preserving
    * Chili as part of the culture
    * Regional variations in chili preparation and use
    * Reviews of various chili products
    * Updates about the state of the chile crop
    * Notices of chili related gatherings such as the Fiery Food Convention

    You get the idea. It seems to me any passionate hot chile lover should be able to write one 500 word, article about hot chile every day for at least a month or two. If you start to run dry, ask your readers to send you their thoughts, ideas, recipes and talk about those.

    It's better if you don't try to make a lot of money during the early growth days of your site. Your success depends on sharing your passion for hot chili, and you don't want to show visitors ad filled pages that make it look like your only passion is extracting money from them :)
    However, while you are writing content and waiting for it to get indexed you can also be searching out ways to profit. I would research the following:

    * Ebay has an affiliate program that pays for sending people to auction listings from your site. When I looked there were over a hundred auctions for chile or chili pins, jewelry, seeds and other items.
    * A Google search for "Hot Chili affiliate" will bring up businesses that will pay you for sending traffic to them. Check them out, perhaps order some of their products and write a review(s).
    * Check out Google's AdSense program and see if it will work for you.

    All of this will take time and energy, but not much money. It may very well take six months or a year for your site to get fully indexed by the search engines and start to attract visitors. It will help if you are a good writer and can get others with an established online presence to talk about and/or link to your site. During this time you will get REALLY tired of your spouse or significant others asking about your houly rate! Have I mentioned Passion is really important?

    You must understand that income from this kind of established website is not the same as income from a job. It's more like an annuity or a residual income. If you want it to grow you should keep working on it. However, if you want to take a few weeks off the income continues. If you get sick and can't work, the income continues. The income may continue to increase even if you don't work on the site for months as it gets more deeply indexed by the search engines and more people find it.

    Sit down with your calculator and figure out how much money you would have to put in the bank to generate $1.00 per day in interest. If your website does that, isn't it the same in terms of income as if you earned that much?

    If this is such a great idea, why don't you do it yourself?

    I don't like chile. One serving of mild destroys my insides. I build websites on subjects I know and like. However, that doesn't mean I can't see the potential of one like this.


    * All four domains were recently registered at Moniker.com and have almost a full year left on their registrations. Immediately after receiving payment I will "push" them to your account. You can then move them to a registrar of your choice when want.
    * To jump start the indexing process I have published this content on Hot Chile Lovers.com and created an in content text link from my established PR3 site www.nmchile.com. I will leave that link in place for a full year as long as the content stays consistent with theme of the site.
    * The header image is from my personal collection and the buyer gets full rights to use it as they please.
    * PayPal for payments.
    * Offers in the thread or by PM. I'll set a BIN in a day or two.
    mhdoc, Sep 15, 2007 IP