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hostgator has stole my money

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by trichnosis, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I've recently purchased a hostıng package on hostgator.

    My user ID on their system is 3686353

    After i've complete the payment, they have sent me an email which says that i need to verify my account. They were requesting the photos of my credit card photo and my identity card. I've sent the documents 5 minutes later after their email

    It has been a day and they did not complete the verify thing and they do not refund my payment

    hostgator took over 100$ from me and they do not provide me anything. The weird part is that they do not provide support this.

    basicly, hostgator stole my money

    can anybody suggest me a method about how to get my money back from these cheaters?

    trichnosis, Dec 7, 2018 IP
  2. Sirio

    Sirio Member

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    I have the same problem with hostgator.

    Be aware with HostGator As a 10 years old HostGator costumer, who spent it over 30k $$ on their services (shared hosting, vps, dedicated servers), I can tell that they don't want return pro-rated refund.

    They canceled my dedicated server that I paid for 12 months and now they don't want return pro-rated refund of $799.12

    Every day they invent a new story:

    "Your case is being processed"
    "You need wait 5-10 days, 2-4 weeks, 6 weeks..."
    "We need to make manual refund to your PayPal since it's already past 180 days"
    "Manual PayPal refunds are processed once a month by the Accounting department"

    After the more than 40 emals with hostgator supports, And with ten conversations with chat supports, I came to the conclusion that they don't want return me pro-rated refund.
    Sirio, Dec 7, 2018 IP
  3. hostechsupport

    hostechsupport Well-Known Member

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    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
    hostechsupport, Dec 7, 2018 IP
  4. seo_buzz

    seo_buzz Well-Known Member

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    Not sure why hostgator would need credit card photo for verification (this sounds very unethical). And you committed a mistake by providing that which you should not have done.
    seo_buzz, Dec 7, 2018 IP
  5. CenTex Hosting

    CenTex Hosting Member

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    Most web host will ask for some type of verification if something triggers in the system when payment is made more so when you use a credit card. Now on response time really depends on when you placed the order. It could be the billing dept was not in if it was over a weekend or something.

    On the other hand I don't see why it would take days to get this verified. IF they think its fraud then a simple refund gets it off there hands so not sure why they are hanging on the money.

    Try hitting them up on facebook page and so on if you are not getting any results the normal route.
    CenTex Hosting, Dec 8, 2018 IP
  6. NetStar

    NetStar Notable Member

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    Just call them. And if you aren't satisfied with the status ask for a refund. If they refuse to issue a refund simply contact your credit card company.

    Odds are there is something that raised a flag. 1 day isn't unreasonable to wait.
    NetStar, Dec 12, 2018 at 11:41 AM IP