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HostDeny.com Official Thread - Deny Proxies, Brute Force, Bad Bots and More!

Discussion in 'Security' started by owsolution, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hello Digital Point Members,

    Would like to welcome the official thread of www.HostDeny.com - (this thread will be linked from our site for review(s) purposes).

    I am the owner of (a)HostDeny and have been a member of Digital Point going on close to 10 years. I have 14 years of I.T. securities under my belt, with 9 years working with fortune 100 corporations hardening servers and consulting in regards to high availability. 2 years spending building datacenters in Charlotte, NC and oversees. Working along side with Tier 1 carriers across the globe. DP Admins can verify my references by visiting my LinkedIn Page (w/Professional References) at any time via PM for verification if any of the above should need to be verified.​

    What is HostDeny
    HostDeny is an all in one enterprise filter of denying unwanted traffic to your server. HostDeny protects all aspects of a server, not just individual aspects of a server. Most deny or block solutions only deny or block access to one specific application on a server. Serving a limited purpose of OS hardening. HostDeny prevents unwanted access to all functions on a server with no firewall needed. We also do this by not collecting millions of IP’s or slowing down server or application response times. All functions within HostDeny is written within “bash”, a native Linux language and uses functions already installed during OS install within a Linux Host to protect servers from malicious activities.

    What will HostDeny Deny or Block at the Port Level
    – Denies Tor Network
    – Denies SSH Brute Force Attacks
    – Denies Proxies to Servers
    – Denies Invalid AdSense Clicks (See Revenue Increase up to 15 to 20%)
    – Denies "Malicious" VPN IP's (VPN Providers must keep their users in check to stay off our list)
    – Denies SMTP, IMAP, POP Attacks
    – Denies FTP Brute Force Attacks
    – Denies Scraping of your website
    – Denies Brute Force Against Email Ports
    – Denies Database Injections or Hacks
    – Denies Unwanted Bots
    – Denies SIP or all VOIP Ports
    – Denies All Web Port Malicious Attempts

    The List Goes On with HostDeny and much more features being added every day!

    Server Hardening with HostDeny
    HostDeny was written and is maintained by enterprise security experts. HostDeny should be part of every server hardening action taken to prevent unwanted threats attacking your host. HostDeny work along side with any or no firewall and has a very lightweight client that only runs every 51 minutes for 2.3 seconds. HostDeny is was designed with over 84 years of combined “corporate engineering knowledge” that have or are managing multi-million dollar to multi-billion dollar environments.

    Come by and visit us at www.HostDeny.com
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    owsolution, Feb 24, 2018 IP