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HOGAN : I will never forget

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Laceygirl, May 7, 2021.

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    It's been about 9 years and not a day passed where I don't think of you and your team and what you idiots have done.

    Hi Hogan, As always and every year(I think) I am back to say the exact same thing.

    I have not forgotten what your team has done. You, your v7n friends, that hellvetti punk, hecky, sarahK, Rob and the others. You sabotaged my life.
    Nothing has changed. You took my life. You destroyed my family. I have not heard from and seen my 9yr old(???I think) son for several years.... cause of you and your stupid dumb little cyclist sarah friend and for what purpose?
    Not profit.. Just because you can. Passivist online power BS. Act of a cowardness and dishonor.

    I will spend the rest of my life wishing you are dead. Obviously I will never be able to enforce my intention to kill you on the spot considering my pathetic existence and extremely limited and isolated resources but I will never forget.

    Spare me your pre-planned "You are not important enough to remember" line or your typical "*shrug*" phrase or your clever tiktok short text lines.

    Its fairly obvious I'll be dead long before you are so I won't get the benefit of spitting on your grave. And we all know you don't have a wife or children so they will not carry the danger of the debt in their generation. It's not like I can cross countries to Diego or where ever the hell you are to kill you on the spot.

    So I suppose, much like last year, I'll see you in hell you sick disgusting snake. You and your friends can play human all you want. I know who you and your dumb friends are. You are disgusting to the core.

    Also, save your breath Sarah. Frig off you sick soul less instigator. You wouldn't think it would be so funny if your family was gone. Play your good person role in your life all you want. I know who you are.
    Laceygirl, May 7, 2021 IP
  2. denniss

    denniss Well-Known Member

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    It's this time of year folks, Justin's ban had expired!!!

    Justin, last time you were promising to track and kill us all, now it seems that your situation deteriorated.

    Are you ok buddy?

    Well apart of living in self pity, misery, regret, poverty and madness?

    BTW I am disappointed that you did not call me out in this thread. Being relegated to a private message hurts my ego.

    To all the newbies, this is what he's rambling about: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/posts/19681851/

    So sit cozy and get your popcorn, this is gonna be a hoot all the way till he gets banned for another year.
    Last edited: May 7, 2021
    denniss, May 7, 2021 IP
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