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Buying Hiring Product/Service Overview Writer

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by TuesZ, Feb 14, 2019.

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    I have products and services that I am affiliated with and would like you to write a simple overview (or unbiased review) of that particular service or product. I'm not really concerned about the length as I am about the quality of the post. It can be 400 - 500 words or as long as there is more "meat" than filler it can be less.

    You must be a native US speaker, sorry overseas guys and gals. Please message me and include your rate and possibly samples of your work if you have them.

    Payment will be by PayPal invoice only.
    TuesZ, Feb 14, 2019 IP
  2. Spoiltdiva

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    There can be an issue with overseas writers as to the time difference. If you require some editing or changes, chances are they will be fast asleep or you might be and you'll have to wait to get the work altered to your specs. But as to quality and rates I have had very good experiences with a writer from England and another one from India.
    I have used both for years and they have proven themselves many times over.
    Spoiltdiva, Feb 16, 2019 IP
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