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Buying Hiring PHP Programmer for Photo Collage App + Link to WooCommerce

Discussion in 'Programming' started by rmt99e, Sep 1, 2014.

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    I am hiring a PHP programmer for the below job:
    1. Review and finalize the code for a simple PHP photo collage website I have created. This is functionality is complete but I want it reviewed and strengthened if needed. This uses the instagram API to allow a user to select X number of photos into a collage. After a user selects 20 photos, it combines them into one single collage image. (View at http://www.instacollages.com/instagram/)
    2. Link a users completed collage to a WooCommerce cart. This involves taking the complete collage image and allowing it to be added to the shopping cart.

    The main component of this job is #2 above, however it is important for you to understand the code in item #1 incase more changes need to be made.

    Please send a direct message to apply for the job. IMPORTANT: I will only respond to messages containing:
    • Examples of your past work
    • A timeline for the project
    • A estimated cost for the project
    Thank you!
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
    rmt99e, Sep 1, 2014 IP
  2. Sovy

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    Hi, I need to look at the codes for a more accurate time and cost estimates. Can you plz provide me with those?

    As for me, I have over 5 years of experience in the relevant field. Let me know if we can take this forward or if there is anything else that you'd like to know of me.

    Sovy, Sep 10, 2014 IP