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Hira a hacker to find a hacker

Discussion in 'Security' started by whodoneit, Jul 24, 2012.

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    HI All,

    Firstly please believe me this is 100% genuine and i hope perfectly legal as this is for my own company and not for some personal reasons what so ever.

    My company website is under attack by a bot of some form which has infected 100's of pcs around the world so this is a deliberate and intended attack. I need to neutralise the bot and also find out who and why they wanted to do this to what is in the grand scale of it a small family run business.
    Please msg me if you believe you can help. I am more than happy for you to come and meet me in my offices so that you can confirm i am 100% genuine and this is not some malicous action i am trying to take on someone else.

    Please help as this could potentially ruin my business.

    Thanks in advance
    whodoneit, Jul 24, 2012 IP
  2. Ray Baron

    Ray Baron Member

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    Don't take it personally. There is no grand design against your business or website. What you describe is quite common with script kiddies attacking unsecure websites for sport.

    Update your web applications -- and keep them updated -- and harden (secure) your server to stop this type of attack.
    Ray Baron, Jul 24, 2012 IP
  3. alversia

    alversia Peon

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    This is a tremendous attack. for a beginner administrator, he will probably need a little help, or even many. Remains confident.
    alversia, Aug 14, 2012 IP