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Selling High SEO Metrics Health Insurance Premium Domain [DA-20, PA-33, Moz-5]

Discussion in 'Domains' started by Super Achiever, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Why are you selling this site?
    It's supposed to be part of a PBN but I've got a lot of these spare domains and my PBN host is full. I had to park it in my personal host.
    How is it monetized?
    It's supposed to be a PBN domain.


    DA: 20

    PA: 33
    MOZ: 5

    As you can see the metrics are really quite helpful for SEO. As mentioned I bought them for the sole purpose of building my PBN. They would normally cost around $25 - $30 each but I'm selling it for a low price because I've had more spare domains that are a waste not to use.

    How accounts will be transferred:
    The domain registrar is domain.com. I will contact support via live chat to create your account (under your email) and move the domain to your new account. They can do this real quick and I've done this many times for my clients.
    Super Achiever, Dec 18, 2016 IP
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    BUMP! :) Domain still available! :)
    Super Achiever, Dec 21, 2016 IP