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High quality article distribution

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by jimKeough, Feb 5, 2007.

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    i'm fed up with all this automated article distribution crap. it's not that great. the golden ticket resides in finding those high quality sites that don't accept automated article submission. Here are some tips and guidelines i'm putting together, but everyone's help would be great!

    Ok, so the idea here is to get our press release or article on high quality, relevant sites. People in the SEO community use different methods for this. One method is detailed in this article:

    The following example illustrates precisely how to do this:
    Let’s say we want high quality sites to post an article or press release regarding “telemarketing”.

    1. Search Google News for “telemarketing”. If you click here, you will see that you can choose to only show results when “telemarketing” is in the headline of the article AND when the article is from within the USA.
    2. Refine your search a few times. Take advantage of advanced search in order to filter your results so you are receiving the highest quality results possible.
    3. Start clicking through the sites. This is a time consuming, manual process, but it must be done. In my opinion, the best way to get your article/press release posted on a site is to send a personalized email to the webmaster or public relations director of the site. Don’t ask for too much. And make it easy for the webmaster to post your article (maybe send them the html). I typically just ask them to post the article and add a line of text that says something like “this article was contributed by My Company, a search engine optimization company.”

    Here are some tips:
    - if you’re article is region specific, then search for news from that region
    - don’t bother clicking on sources that have “(press release)”
    - if you’re news not region specific, don’t bother with all the local newspapers

    Another method is to search for sites. Try the following searches:
    “Keyword phrase” “submit article”
    “Keyword phrase” “submit an article”
    “Keyword phrase” “become author”
    “Keyword phrase” “become an author”
    “Keyword phrase” “submit news”

    You can also try to submit your article to an eZine. You can do a search for ezine’s on Google or ask people in forums and Yahoo Group’s what eZines are popular for your industry. A few good eZine directories are EZine Universe, Topica, the Ezine Directory.

    Feedback please!
    jimKeough, Feb 5, 2007 IP
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