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High CPU with Adforest Wordpress theme

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Da Web, May 21, 2019.

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    Hello I have some issues with my wordpress theme AdForest. Support actually just repeat the same sentences and nothing really to help me out. It was tested with all possible ways, with plugins, without plugins, We have upgraded to higest VPS plan that we could find and the issue presist. The main issue with the theme is that it makes CPU overload. I think is the unstopable script loading from the thyeme… just look at the screenshots. And emagine what is hjappening if there is 10 users in the same time. I stoped the heartbeat control and this stoped too, but they ashured me in the new version there is no such a think… I updated and guess what… Its the same damn ting again… And now EVEN with turned off Heart beat... the problem pressists. I have contacted the... today for a last time, and the answer was We are working on it, but this answer is from long time the same... Is there anyone with some solution. I am strugeling with the support and there is no solution from months already.

    Scrshot 1. prnt.sc/nquu04

    Scrshot 2. 10 minutes later - prnt.sc/nquz52

    At this time there was two users and 3 admins logged in. Screenshot 3 - prnt.sc/nquy94
    ONLY plugins that came with the theme are on. I turned on now the wordFence plugin as thinking this mayd be an atack, but after seing the logs in console and …offcorse with turned on plugins for deffence no change… We before tested it EVEN with themes plugins off, the results ware the same… There is no problems only if Heart Beat is off, but as I sayd I need it on because of autoposter plugin
    Da Web, May 21, 2019 IP
  2. Da Web

    Da Web Member

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    Turns out bad developing. They have fixed it after a two motnh nonstop emailing from us............... Aaaand no help from the forum...:D
    Da Web, Jul 8, 2019 IP