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Hiding PPC traffic from analytic tools

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by chriswong065, May 30, 2018.

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    When buying PPC ads, the traffic will be identified as "display traffic" by online analytics tools (e.g. Similarweb.com). For example, if I buy a lot of PPC ads from PropellerAds, everyone can check my website profile on Similarweb.com and know that most of the traffic is "display traffic" with PropellerAds as the main source.
    In order to not letting the offer providers know where I get the traffic, I want to hide this information. I am looking for a solution to let Similarweb.com think that the traffic is "direct traffic". "Direct traffic" means the traffic is not coming from any PPC advertisement, the user just types the exact URL and visit my site directly.

    The advantage of having "direct traffic" is that, the offer providers will never know where does the traffic comes from. I have search for a few solutions on the web, someone suggests to do some redirection from other domains. However, the offer provider can still trace the redirection path and finally know where is the traffic source.

    Please suggestion on any possible solution. Thanks.
    chriswong065, May 30, 2018 IP