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Hi from John V in Inner Mongolia PRC

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by John V, Dec 23, 2017.

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    A few months ago something obvious finally occurred. Applying especially to America, I became aware of time wasted ploughing through pop-ups, calls to action, email requests, discount offers … and having to delete the junk just to read something.

    A prolific writer on politics, lifestyle, travel, I finally arrived at thinking; is it possible to design a blog, with limited know how and using trial and error, yet without the usual junk, for free? Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, no distractions … just information?
    The answer is yes, however basic and premillennial the final product looks and including a never-ending learning process. Starting to collect articles I’d written over the past few years for others, I slowly put them on my new site, not forgetting to include redirection tags. Normally, free sites remain a nightmare of self-promotional spam, occasionally removable, yet often coming in from the server end, which are not. However, over time it's possible to construct a reasonable SEO HTML, to the point where crawling Google and Bing bots are an almost permanent feature. As my site is international, my next project is to attract Yandex and Baidu bots.

    The ongoing product contains a fair number of readers, yet no input, which isn’t a problem as it's just a site where I can write (I wouldn’t accept rubbish, or one-liners) and costs nothing to run. As I’m not selling and the site is free, non-participation doesn’t matter as much to me as it would to others.

    I’m John V, a UK citizen, living in SE Asia and working in Inner Mongolia PRC as an English and social science teacher. Looking forward to contributing and also learning.
    John V, Dec 23, 2017 IP