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Hey! A Big Warm Welcome, You Really Need To Read This Before You Start Anthing

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by hamrounn hossemeddine, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Hello There So i was Watching youtube in the past days and i really found this I think we should read it guys and start our Mindset For The new changes in this world
    You've probably seen a few videos online Claiming that your computer will turn into a "CASH SPITTING ATM machine" with just a few clicks of a button?
    And most likely you thought it sounded too good to be true? Right?

    Let me tell you what...
    It is...Over the last 3 years, I've been working my butt off to "make it".

    Being from a small town in Norway, my dream was always to become a teacher.Teaching kids not to throw sand in each others hair seemed like the dream job.But things didn't really end up that way...After a Year in college, I found out that the 9-5 life really wasn't for me.
    So I started researching ways to make money online.I did everything from survey sites to clicking on small ads on my phone, just to make a few bux.Mention a way to make a few dollah bills online and I've probably done it.Not only that...

    Once I found out that you couldn't make much money from any of these sites/apps,
    I spent hundreds of dollars buying online courses that promised me everything but didn't actually work ,Really! Hundreds of dollars on courses, info products, every bright shiny object I could find.Also, Hundreds of hours of WORK, Trying to make these shitty ass courses actually give me some results.It didn't...

    Nothing worked.
    That was until I found the way that worked for me.Hundreds of hours of research, money, pain, blood, sweat, and tears led me to the moment where I was finally able to see a dollar come into my bank account Then 2 dollars,Then 10 dollars,Then 100 dollars,Then 1000 dollars

    And You know what the best thing is?
    I've broken it down to a simple step-by-step Method that can be replicated over and over and over. And you're getting it for FREE! 16 Videos that take you by the hand and guide you through every step of the way. I even think a monkey could go through this course and make a few bux if he really tried hard.This is all Passive as well...Meaning that if I were to stop right now...The money would still be rolling in every single month.

    It makes me able to
    * Spend time with my family
    * Spend time with my girlfriend
    * Wake up at 2 PM (more often than I should)
    * Travel whenever I want
    * Have the freedom to do whatever I want
    * Take up new hobbies I never knew existed
    * Buy whatever I want (Except that private jet, still working on that...)
    * Eat the worlds best cheeseburgers (Love Cheeseburgers btw. No Joke.)

    And you can do it too...
    All I need you to do is:
    Give yourself an entire day, go through the training, implement what you're learning,
    Do it for yourself.
    This is NOT easy.
    This is NOT for LAZY people.
    You'll really have to WORK to get this going.
    I'm NOT giving you a magic button.
    I'm giving you a REAL way
    And if you're a bitchy person that DON'T wanna do the work and
    is just going to complain when things get rough,
    I only want motivated people here that are serious.
    Serious about making money online
    If you're not
    Get out
    Now that I've shared my experience, and hopefully scared some people away.
    I'm going to tell you what I HATE...
    I'm an Internet Marketer, Meaning I help people like you start a REAL online business.
    and there are plenty of other Internet Marketers that have an ethical and moral compass.
    The Internet Marketing space is littered with shitty, scummy, disgusting people.
    People that will research "Con-artist" strategies to most effectively extract everything you have in your wallet,
    beat you up and dump you in a ditch.
    Bleeding, with a few missing teeth.
    They produce shitty online courses that that promise everything and straight up DOESN'T WORK.
    I've bought several of these online courses, and time and time again it's the same story.
    It looks very good in the video,
    he explains that it's a new and exciting way that you've never seen before,
    and you'll get results really quickly.
    I buy it,
    work for 1-2 months following the exact strategy of the course,
    and see NO RESULTS.
    Not even a little TINY reward for all my effort.
    These are the real scumbags of the internet.
    These are the people that are ruining the name of real Internet Marketers
    So please be careful, there is a lot of shitty people out there.
    One Last Thing i Think after reading this you should Enter here And start your journee it's totaly free
    hamrounn hossemeddine, Jul 5, 2018 IP
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    Guys This Is a New Link If you Want to try It out http://cuon.io/6ZT2YxW
    hamrounn hossemeddine, Jul 5, 2018 IP