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Here's some fun questions for Clients and Freelancers

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Mario Walker, Aug 30, 2021.

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    Freelancer Questions
    1.Tell us about yourself?
    2.What niches you write in?
    3.How did you get into copywriting?
    4.What challenges you face as a copywriter?
    5.What kept you going while facing adversity?
    6.Favorite client to work with?
    7.Would your client mind being interviewed?

    Client Questions
    1. How did you find your freelancer?
    2. What made you chose that freelancer?
    3. How did your freelancer solve your problem?
    4.Have you referred your freelancer to other client's?
    5.How often you use your freelancer?
    Mario Walker, Aug 30, 2021 IP
  2. Aurilar

    Aurilar Greenhorn

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    Oh, yes, the most idiotic question is 'tell us about yourself'. I hate this question and it indicates that the HR doesn't know how to interview the candidates properly.
    Aurilar, Sep 21, 2021 IP
  3. TimmyTern

    TimmyTern Peon

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    Completely agree! When I hear this question, I just become dumbstuck. What you want to hear? What I have to say? How I can explain that I haven`t some interesting hobbies and most of my time spend at the work or at home?
    TimmyTern, Jul 5, 2022 IP