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Here's How You Can Make a Five Figure Income on eBay :)

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Tom Glover, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Basically – what you are going to be doing is offering people cheaper alternatives to high ticket products that are selling like hot cakes.

    …Your alternative solution will be in the form of a course that teaches people how to solve a particular problem.

    (In order to comply with eBay’s new policy – you will need to burn your course ((PDF)) to a DVD, and ship it to your customers. I will talk more on this, later.)

    Here are the steps that you will need to follow for this strategy:

    1) Find a HOT, high ticket product
    2) Verify that it’s selling
    3) Create a guide that teaches people how to achieve the same result as the product
    4) List your guide using the same keywords as the product
    5) Look for other products that will help people achieve the same result, and re-list your product with those keywords
    6) Repeat

    OK, so let me give you an example!

    1) Find a HOT, high ticket product:

    First things first – you need to find a product that people are buying.

    …For this – I like to go into the health niche.

    …This is because people who are having health problems are looking for answers NOW.

    They are ready to BUY.

    An example for this is acne.

    People who have acne will be actively out there on the internet; looking for a way to remove it.

    Therefore; they will be willing to purchase ANYTHING that will help them remove it.

    …Also; I already know that there are HUNDREDS of different HIGH TICKET products that people are selling.

    So… we now need to validate that people are buying a CURE for acne.

    2) Validating that it’s selling:

    For this, go to: http://www.ebay.com and type in some keywords that will bring up products related to the problem that you are targeting (i.e. acne).

    …After doing a quick search – I found a product that selling for a rather high price. Perfect!

    Here’s the listing:


    As you can see – this listing has already sold four lots. So, we can see that there is some demand for this.

    All I did now was copy and paste the title into the search bar.

    This is what it brought back:


    OK, there are only 7 products listed here. Therefore; if we were to post our product here – it would be sure to stand out.

    …in order to be sure that these products are selling – here’s what you want to do:

    First – next to the search bar; click on “Advanced”


    …And now select “completed listings”:


    …This will now bring up all of the listings that have been completed.

    Therefore; you will be able to see whether they have been sold, or not.

    Also – you will be able to see exactly how much they sold for.

    …This step is very important; because we are now able to validate whether people are actually buying this high ticket product, or not.

    (If the price is in green – it means that people have bought it. If it’s in red – it means that it didn’t sell.)


    OK, so as you can see – this product is selling pretty well.

    …I recommend that you target a product that is priced more expensive than $60.

    …This is because we are going to be offering a cheaper alternative. Therefore; if you are offering an alternative for $20, and people can actually buy the product for $30 - chances are that they will just buy the product.

    …However; if the product is selling at $89.99 – and we offer a $20 alternative; chances are that people will be more inclined to buy OUR product.

    Not bad. Right?

    3) Creating a PDF guide that is CHEAPER:

    OK, so now you need to create a guide that teaches people how to get the same result as what they would get after buying the product.

    So for my example – people would buy this acne cream because they want to remove acne.

    …So, you need to find out how people can naturally cure acne, and create a guide about it.

    Here – you have a couple of options:

    - Google it – there is a power of Google. Dig around, and you will find awnsers

    - Search for PLR product – products that you can buy (for about $10), and re-sell them. Just go to google and type in: “[Your problem] PLR” e.g. “Acne treatment PLR”.

    - Buy other guides, and turn them into your own. Extract the best parts, and re-package them in your PDF guide

    Here; you simply need to think outside of the box.

    …Ask yourself: “How can I find a way to solve X (your problem)”?

    Of course – if you have any trouble here; be sure to get in contact with me, and I will help you out.

    OK, so now that you have got your guide created; you want to post it on eBay.

    4) Listing your product with the SAME KEYWORDS:

    You need to make sure that you list your product with exactly the SAME keywords as the product that you are targeting.

    For my example – the title of my listing would be:

    Rodan + Fields UNBLEMISH #3 Dual Intensive acne pump treatment Alternative

    …All you need to do is copy the titles from the other listings, and add in Alternative at the end.


    …This will then give you a TON more traffic.

    People will see that you are offering a solution that is a LOT cheaper, and they will want to buy YOURS instead.

    …Once they buy it – you simply want to burn your PDF guide to a DVD, and send it out to them.

    I recommend that you price your guide from $12-20. Depending on how expensive the product that you are targeting is.

    5) Look for other products that are the same:

    OK, so now that you have crated your guide – you can find other products on eBay that teach people how to achieve the desired result (i.e. curing acne).

    All you need to do is spend some time searching.

    Type in some different keywords, and see what it pulls up.

    …Maybe you want to put the price range at $50-$100?

    Once you have found a products name that’s selling for a higher price – simply copy it into the search bar, and run through the same process that we followed in step 2 (validating that it’s selling).

    6) Repeat
    Tom Glover, Mar 1, 2014 IP
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  2. heartnet02

    heartnet02 Notable Member

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    Nice guide but can you fix the image, it is broken.
    heartnet02, Mar 1, 2014 IP
  3. Dionne Taylor

    Dionne Taylor Active Member

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    Thanks for the info. There are many millionaires on eBay so this is realistic.
    Dionne Taylor, Mar 2, 2014 IP