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Here's How You Can Extract BUYERS Traffic (For FREE!)

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Tom Glover, Mar 2, 2014.

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    How to Get Free BUYERS Traffic:

    Hey guys! I want to share a traffic strategy that is pretty damn “under-ground”.

    Not many people know about this method of getting traffic, and not many people do it.

    So, it’s great for us. :)

    In short; you are going to be getting banner ad’s into the back-end of products (for free).

    Why would you do this?

    That’s simple.

    If you can get your banner into the back of other people’s products – you are able to “tap into” their BUYERS traffic.

    Meaning that the ONLY people who will see your banner are the people who have ALREADY taken out their credit card, and bought.

    (If you were to buy this kind of traffic – it’s very expensive. It’s proven to convert.)

    Nice, right?

    Although this method is really great – it does take a little bit of time to get it set up.

    Therefore, if you want to get some speedy results – I suggest that you work on this in the “back-ground”, while also working on some other traffic getting strategies.


    So, here is how you are going to do it:

    1. Create a FREE video course around a product in clickbank
    2. Contact product owners to add a banner to your free course in the back-end of their product
    3. Add in THEIR affiliate link to the product you are creating around the course (This will make them want to add it in)
    4. Add a link to YOUR pre-sell page (so you can extract their buyers *EVIL LAUGH*)

    Win, win. Right?

    Let’s break it down…

    Create a FREE video course around a product in clickbank:

    OK, so first of all – let me show you an example that I created.

    …Just so that you can have an idea of what you are going to do.

    (I give you permission to totally “rip off” this page… copy it, and model it – just please don’t use my video’s).


    OK, so a couple of things to note, here.

    First of all – you can see that “step #1” is to enter in their email addresses.

    (I actually created this page before I learned about creating pre-sells).

    So, all you will do here is change the “enter your email address” to “check out this free training”, or “read this article on X”.

    Get the idea?

    OK, so then after that – I created a free training course.

    It teaches people how to get their content ranked in Google, and start making sales.

    It’s high quality.

    It provides VALUE to the product owners BUYERS.

    …This is important, because they will only add you to the back end if your training is of a high standard (i.e. if it gives VALUE to their buyers).

    …In these video’s – I teach people how to do it the HARD way (I use the same technique that I taught you with the pre-sells).

    Providing high quality value to the buyers.

    Then, in the final video – I teach people how they can do it the EASY way (by buying this product).

    …This is where you will add in the affiliate link of the product owner.


    Again. That’s simple.

    If you are providing huge value to the product owners buyers, and they have a chance to make some more money…

    They will WANT to have you in the back-office.

    Then, when people go through the steps – they will get sent to your pre-sell page, and chances are… they will want to buy the product you are showing them.

    (If you were to buy “buyers traffic”, it would cost you a fortune. How amazing am I to teach you how to do it for free?)

    How to find product owners:

    OK, so now – I am presuming that you have already created a free video course around a product that you found on clickbank (see the training on finding a product).

    Now, it’s time to get in contact with some product owners…

    …Depending on your niche – there are different ways that you can do that.

    Let me give you an example for the “make money online” niche:

    - Clickbank

    - WarriorPlus

    - JVnotifyPro

    …Now, if you are not in the “make money online” niche – you can still use clickbank.

    Perhaps that’s the only place that you want to use?

    However – I recommend that you find some more.

    …The more product owners that you contact – the more back-ends you could get your training in. The more chance of getting more buyers to your pre-sell. Simple.

    To find more products you can get in contact with - go to google, and type in:

    [Your niche] Affiliate programs
    [Your niche] Affiliate marketplace
    [Your niche] Affiliate products

    It may take some time to compile a list of places where you can find people with products within your niche.

    …You want to get a list of products that people are selling.

    Not just any products – products that are SELLING.

    Let me show you how it’s done on Clickbank:

    After you have found your way to the Clickbank marketplace – go ahead and find some products that are within your niche:[​IMG]

    Now like I have said before – it’s hard for me to show you “exactly” how you can do this; because it’s different for different products.

    …Think outside the “box”, and you will do great.

    First of all – I found a “JV” page for the product:


    When I got to the page – I scrolled down to the bottom, and say this:


    …I clicked it “contact us”, and…



    An email address that I can send an email to – explaining our proposition.

    Here is an email that I have sent out before.

    Feel free to copy it, and tweak it where needed:


    How are you?

    I have a quick proposal for you to make an extra $5 - $10k recurring on your launch.

    I have built a course around a CB offer, and I would like to add your affiliate link to it:

    Here's the link:


    All I need from you is your Clickbank ID, and I'll add it underneath the training video's. It converts like crazy. From a previous one; I am still getting recurring payments from about 7 months ago. So, hopefully this will do great for you, too.

    Here's what I need:

    1) Reply to this email, and send me your Clickbank ID.

    2) Add this banner to your members area:

    <a href="YOUR VIDEO COURSE LINK"target="_blank"><img src="YOUR BANNER LINK "alt=""></a>

    That's it!

    Wishing you all the best.

    Here is the banner that I used:


    (You can go ahead and create one of these yourself, or pay someone $5 on Fiverr to do it).


    OK, so now… you know the strategy.

    You know how to find people to contact.

    You know what to write…

    ...Now, it’s just a matter of going out there, and doing it. J


    1) Choose a product on Clickbank that you want to create a free course about
    2) Create your free course – giving away immense value
    3) Create a page to host your course – making sure that you add in a big link to your pre-sell
    4) Compile a list of products that you can get in contact with
    5) Email 5 product owners a day for the next 30 days
    Tom Glover, Mar 2, 2014 IP
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