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Help With Yahoo WebCam !!!

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by Insecure, Oct 3, 2004.

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    hi there,
    i have a problem. i cam alot with someone special on yahoo messenger.
    when she has to go she turns off her cam or the whole yahoo
    and then the screen goes black and on the left bottom it says "stopped".
    so far so normal. now the problem: it happened twice that when she
    had to go the screen went black as usual but an error popped up saying "you do not have permission to view this webcam".
    that annoyed me. so i did the test on myself and i found out that this
    message popped up when i removed myself off the viewers list and
    not when i stop the cam. now before i started to think the worst (that person
    is my fiancee) i remembered that she uses something she calls an
    "autodenier" for her cam sometimes when she gets too many cam requests.
    i suppose thats the option you can check called "ignore all other cam
    reviews" . i thought that maybe this option makes the pop up show
    when she turns off the cam or yahoo. i tried it on myself and it didnt work.
    what am i supposed to think now? does anyone know this problem?
    or am i being played around by someone?
    an answer would be appreciated.
    thanx in advance
    Insecure, Oct 3, 2004 IP
  2. vlead

    vlead Peon

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    I would suggest you talk it out with your "fiancee". This is not the right place for this type of prob.
    vlead, Oct 4, 2004 IP
  3. Insecure

    Insecure Peon

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    i will talk to her if anything else wont help.
    i just wanna know if anyone had the same experience,
    if what i was talking about is technically possible
    and if it happened to someone already
    Insecure, Oct 4, 2004 IP