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Help with Regex

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by talkshowhost316, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I need some help writing regular expressions in google analytics?

    I am trying to write something which will return all webpages in our “/set-a-record/” website section except for:

    - The /set-a-record/ homepage which is either /set-a-record or /set-a-record/index

    - Any of the “individuals” pages e.g. /set-a-record/individual/challengers

    - Any contact-us pages e.g. /set-a-record/corporates/contact-us

    - Any thank-you pages e.g. /set-a-record/non-corporates/thank-you.html

    Below is a screen grab of some example webpages where I have highlighted the pages I want to remove


    I tried this but it didn’t work, it still gave me the contact-us page…


    Any help is much appreciated


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    talkshowhost316, Jul 7, 2015 IP
  2. digiaads

    digiaads Well-Known Member

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    Where are you trying to include this filter in Analytics?

    Can you create two conditions? one to include URL containing "/set-a-record/" and another to exclude matchRegX with the one you don't want to include e.g. /set-a-record/corporates/|/set-a-record/non-corporates/|... and so on?

    I hope that will help.

    digiaads, Jul 9, 2015 IP