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Help with Redirect (.htaccess)

Discussion in 'Apache' started by jsmith24, Oct 21, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm not that familiar with Apache yet, so please be patient. I *THINK* what I want to do is called a "Redirect".

    The short version: I want visitors from specific IP addresses to see a different index file on the same server. That is to say:

    - Visitor from IP
    - Instead of seeing www.falconkits.com/index.html, I want visitors from that IP to see www.falconkits.com/new-index.html .

    I've tried using a cobbled-together mod_rewrite using RewriteEngine, etc., but my bumbling only allows me to redirect them to other web addresses (youtube.com, for example); any attempt to send them to another index file gets me a redirect loop.

    If I'm not supposed to use a redirect, can someone help me with the right code for my specific example above?

    Jack, the newbie
    jsmith24, Oct 21, 2014 IP