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Help With Post Title Layout

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by JackL00711, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Hi check out my site here: Nutrition For Runners

    As you will see, for the individual posts. I have the title, and then thumbnail pic beneath. can i change the layout so the title is alongside the thumbnail, like this site here
    JackL00711, Mar 26, 2010 IP
  2. techslip

    techslip Peon

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    That's a really cool site. I like it. As for changing where the thumbnail goes, it is different for each layout so there may not be a simple setting. If you go to wordpress.org and search your template that you used, go to their help forum and ask.

    But if you know how coding works or just want to play around with it, go to your Wordpress admin page, click Appearance on the left, and Edit Template, go to your Main Index or Page Template. There you will see the code for how your thumbnail is place along with the title. You can try to move those around .
    techslip, Mar 26, 2010 IP