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Help with httpd and VirtualHost...

Discussion in 'Apache' started by Gorstavich, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Good evening all,

    I run small Minecraft servers for family & friends via the Multicraft software and earlier this week finally bit the bullet, upgrading Multicraft from version 1.8.1 (which used Nginx for its web services) to version 2.3.1 (which uses Apache2). In the earlier version I had changed the Nginx configuration to listen for both port 80 and 8080 connections, with 80 going to a generic information page, and 8080 going to the actual server management portal. I am now trying to do the same with the Apache version, which I understand will require setting up VirtualHosts, but I am highly confused as to where in the httpd configuration file to create the virtual host breaks (and add a new one). Below is the configuration file that Multicraft automatically creates. Might someone know as to where/how to break it into the virtual host pieces?


    The only things I have done to this so far (that didn't break anything) was add the WEBROOT definitions and remove the comments which make the file 163 lines long instead of over 600. It is currently just hosting the server management portal on port 8080.
    Gorstavich, Jul 5, 2019 IP