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Help Theodor! Save a life!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Padurariu Alexandru, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Holidays are coming, but not for him this time..

    I am going to tell you a story, even if it's hard for me to write it, because my hands are shaking, my tears are pouring. We all, friends and families are at the end of the road, powerless and we are asking for your help, because we don't see another way.

    My best friend, Christian Theodor, a 20 year old boy, two weeks ago. He suffered a terrible accident that I will never forget. In the car accident that ended the life of three persons, my friend was found trapped under the truck. I was supposed to be in that car, in that moment. In seconds, minutes, everything can change or stop and I wonder what if I had been there in his place. But before I got in the car Theodor said to me, "Let me, brother, I am going with them, you know how Dan drives, if something happens to us at least we are not going all to die like a bunch of fools," at that moment I laughed and now I realize that he saved my life.

    From four passengers, Dan, the driver, Florin, the passenger that was in the front next to the driver, Cosmin, that was behind the driver, Theodor was the only one who lived. If we can call it life when every second is important and his heart is possible to stop any time. He has multiple contusions, but the head injury is the worst. He has been in a coma for a week now and hardly shows any vital sign.
    The doctor who takes care of Theodor has given us hope that he will recover only if he has the surgery in Vienna which is too expensive even for his parents and friends. The surgery costs 20,000€. Together with his family and friends, we managed to raise 5,000$, but it is not enough, not even close. We all gave everything we had, but please believe us that we are at the end of our powers. We are physically and mentally tired. The hardest thing to imagine is that we couldn't save this wonderful boy with a smile that has the power to change your day from bad to good, a boy who always had a good word to say about anyone, who loved life more than anything. I can't even imagine that my best friend who has always been like a brother to me is possible to no longer escape death. I'll never forgive myself for knowing that he couldn't perform the surgery because of some money.

    I call on all people with a trace of kindness in their heart, to help this young man, a child put to a great test by destiny. We are grateful for every dollar donated and any kind thought. You can't really imagine a situation like this unless you have been through it. It's terrible!

    Theodor would be very grateful. We are all grateful to you and we hope to succeed. We are people and we must be united because a soul can't be abandoned so easily.
    Thank you!
    Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/1253318054809399/photos/a.1253327028141835/1253326368141901/?type=3&theater
    Padurariu Alexandru, Dec 24, 2018 IP