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Help! Thanks...

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by alodie, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Hello Fellow DigitalPoint Members,

    Please help me understand this function on the
    forum dashboard.

    What does this mean:

    "AdSense: $0.00 - week: $0.00 - month: $0.01
    PayPal: 0.00 USD?"

    And for what am I being charged.

    Here is why I asked the question

    When I started posting regularly in this forum, (and
    that was only a few weeks ago), I noticed that this
    section: month: $0.01, had this $0.04 amount

    Of course, I did not pay much attention to that
    activity, because I was not sure what it was for
    and, I had not yet decided to sell of buy anything
    just yet from this forum. So I knew I did not owe
    anyone any cash, for any reason.

    But today, noticed that the amount had dwindled
    down to now: month: $0.01.

    Again, please tell me what this means? Am
    I being charged for something of which I am
    not quite aware?

    I did try to find a way to get to one of the
    Forum Moderators to ask for clarification,
    but I am still learning to find my way around
    this Forum. So I failed there.

    Thank you very kindly for your time. It is
    greatly appreciated.


    P.S. Also, I really do hope that I did post this
    question in the appropriate section on this forum
    If not, please forgive me, this time around. ;)

    Thank you once again.

    alodie, Aug 22, 2014 IP
  2. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    I have enjoyed your posts since you joined DP. Note that I am not a moderator nor an expert on DP; however, I can tell you that the DP forum is free for members to post, etc. You should post this question on the Support section of this forum which can be found here:


    Someone will jump in and explain what you are seeing on the dashboard. Good luck.
    jrbiz, Aug 23, 2014 IP
    alodie likes this.
  3. malky66

    malky66 Prominent Member

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    All it shows is your current Adsense balance, it's because you have linked your Adsense account.
    The fluctuations are just the natural adjustments in your Adsense account, and don't worry DP is not charging you at all.
    malky66, Aug 23, 2014 IP
  4. alodie

    alodie Member

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    Oh, jrbiz, :)

    I am eternally grateful to you for taking
    the time to come to my rescue. I do really,
    really appreciate that.

    And thank you also for your very, very kind
    words: "I have enjoyed your posts since
    you joined DP."

    I blushed, when I read that. :) But you
    wouldn't know it... Skin color... ***GRIN***

    But that was indeed very sweet of you.

    Once again, jrbiz, thanks a whole million.
    That was very, very encouraging.

    I am really enjoying being a part of this
    forum. Everyone is so helpful. I just simply
    need to ask for help, and someone is always
    ready to give a helping hand.

    Love it. Love it. Just, love it. :)

    I read a lot of the comments of the members
    in this forum.

    As a result, I am quickly learning quite a bit...
    ...Especially regarding vital pieces of information
    relating to internet marketing.

    Already, I have been utilizing quite a bit of what
    I have been learning, so far. And I am having a
    lot of fun doing it.

    May I once again say, "love it. Love it. Just, love
    it. :)

    Again, jrbiz, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Cheers, and a very, very pleasant weekend to


    P.S. By the way, jrbiz, I gave you a "like." I
    hope that that was appropriate. If not, please
    forgive me. I did not mean any harm at all.

    Thanks in advance.
    alodie, Aug 23, 2014 IP
    jrbiz likes this.
  5. alodie

    alodie Member

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    Hi Malky66, :)

    Thanks a whole million for your help.
    It is greatly, greatly appreciated.

    As I was "saying" to jrbiz, earlier, I
    just needed to ask for help, and sure
    enough, someone from this forum
    would come running to help.

    I love this forum. Love it. Love it. Just,
    love it. :)

    Once again, Malky66, thank you ever
    much for reaching out to help me. It
    means a lot to me.

    Trust your weekend is continuing to be
    a very fun-filled one.


    alodie, Aug 23, 2014 IP
  6. jrbiz

    jrbiz Illustrious Member

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    I am glad that my post helped and I appreciate the Like. As an established member now, you are the sole arbiter of whom to give a Like to. There is a rule against giving away Likes indiscriminately or frivously, but if you like a post, find it helpful, etc., you can give the poster a Like whenever you want. I hope that you continue to enjoy DP. I have been on it quite a while and it rarely disappoints me.
    jrbiz, Aug 24, 2014 IP