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Help needed with asp mailhandler or contact form will pay if necessary

Discussion in 'C#' started by rahrahrachel, May 25, 2011.

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    Hi, i've been trying to solve this issue now for about a week and it's really getting really on my nerves now. The website goes in the local paper tomorrow and the contact form is still not ready. I don't have experience with this.

    On the contactus.htm page of the website the contact form is built in.
    This is the script and i do like it like this, it looks good.
    I would prefer to keep it this way. When i use the contact form i'm getting internal sever error. Someone wrote this script for me before but i've lost contact with them. I think i had it working at one point on another site that's long gone, may be though some of the details were edited differently. The index page is asp as is the mailhandler, the rest is in htm as is the contactus page.

    This is the mailhandler.asp
    I really don't understand much of the below. The site is not called gladbank but i'm concerned about the email being cached and spammed if it goes on google.

    Now can you help with the above. My sister has her reg hosting with www.123-reg.co.uk, she is on the business windows package so has access to asp.

    They sent me this email with script for a asp mailhandler but i couldn't get it work.

    My sister reads her email currently using webmail.

    If this cannot work i can pay £10 for a asp contact form and mailhandler or just the mailhandler script that definetly will work and i will pay after it's tested. I can give someone more details like the email address if they give me a PM, not sure if i have enough posts. I don't do skype.
    Last edited: May 25, 2011
    rahrahrachel, May 25, 2011 IP
  2. RonBrown

    RonBrown Well-Known Member

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    Well, looking at the script that 123-reg make available, and the script on your page, they don't bear any resemblance to one another.

    1. You script is attempting to use a third-party mailing component - Persits. Are you sure Persits is available?
    2. The script 123-reg make available is for using with CDO (a windows component)
    3. You've set-up the mailserver as localhost and you're assuming that there is a local SMTP server available
    4. The script 123-reg shows is used to connect to an emailserver account using the email server address, a username, and a password
    5. Change "On Error Resume Next" to "On Error Goto 0" and put it immediately above this line "Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")" so we can see the errors in the order they occur.
    6. If you're getting an error, why not tell us EXACTLY what the error message says. That can sometimes be a big clue.

    I've not even looked at the code in any detail so I can't say it is correct, but there are other things you need to check first.
    RonBrown, May 29, 2011 IP
  3. rahrahrachel

    rahrahrachel Peon

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    Thanks RonBrown, after about 10 days of trying to work this thing out i've finally managed to do it today.
    I downloaded the package here and changed the settings i needed to and it's working. I tried their guide that's on their website before and got nowhere.
    I would though like to customise the contact form a bit and i'm going to see if i can do that.

    rahrahrachel, May 29, 2011 IP