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help needed - coders to

Discussion in 'PHP' started by idmesspass, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I must create for an exam on my school something i dont know and i can manage with :)))
    i need some help with this becouse i dont know much and i dont have the time to learn - my job is important to and i dont have the time :|

    So if somebody can help me please send me a PM and a price for this
    (i dont have much money so dont give me huge prices :)))

    * and i want a working demo online first to see *


    *table in sql
    *search form - for putting into a page
    *result from search to be in a new window like popup
    *to have some panel/admin/ with password and captcha to replace data from table in database.

    -tabel must contain:

    Nr.Ap.(numbers) | Etaj (numbers)| Nume (text) | Nr. Pers. (numbers) | Nr. Persoane Permanente (numbers) | Apa Rece (2 sub table -> MC | Suma ) ( all

    numbers) | Apa Calda (2sub table -> MC | SUMA ) ( all numbers) | Caldura (3sub table-> Citire | Consum | Comun )(allnumbers) | Energie Electrica (numbers) |

    Ascensor (numbers) | Gaze (numbers) | Gunoi (numbers) | Salarii Personal (numbers)| Fond Reparatii (numbers) | Fond Rulment (numbers)| TOTAL Luna Curenta

    (numbers) | Penalitati (numbers)| Restante (numbers)| TOTAL General (numbers)

    * i want to put the . 3 decimals if i want in numbers field

    -search form contain: Nume: [___only text_______] Etaj: [_____only number______] Nr. Apartament: [____only number_____] [Serach button] - search

    button must be named "Cauta"

    *(all 3 field must be complete to make the search criteria - otherwise - to apear a popup "*Nume" must be added / "*Etaj" must be added /"*Nr.Ap." must be

    added ...you understand ...)
    *(if all fields are ok to apear a like popup with tabel from data base - full tables - for that person - one on top of the other ex:

    ouside the table:

    Nr Ap / Etaj / Nume - write bold, big outside the table

    in table:
    Nr. Ap. - field nr. ap.
    Etaj - field etaj
    Nume - field nume
    Nr.Pers - field nume pers
    ...... and so on ) until the final table - Total General

    *(if database has error connect or anything error to apear a like popup to says : "Eroare baza de date reveniti mai tarziu. Daca eroarea persista va rugam sa

    ne trimiteti un email" )

    *the Search script must be put in a html page and connected to database (here i may require some additional help :))

    -admin panel must contain:
    - to login with email/password/captcha ( - not case sensitive; easy captcha numbers and letters) / and reset password if forgot / at 3 wrong passwords to

    deny that ip
    - fields from database table one in top of the other
    - when i put something in field to automaticaly replace the old data
    - fields must show the content
    - backup when i want , and to download file
    - restore from file on my pc
    - logout
    idmesspass, Jun 4, 2010 IP
  2. bartolay13

    bartolay13 Active Member

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    phew! that was long... why not use joomla for that.. its all there.
    bartolay13, Jun 4, 2010 IP
  3. gapz101

    gapz101 Well-Known Member

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    it's a school exam, lol
    gapz101, Jun 4, 2010 IP
  4. roopajyothi

    roopajyothi Active Member

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    roopajyothi, Jun 4, 2010 IP
  5. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    At the beginning of the academic year when you were looking at course requirements and how much work you would need to do to support yourself you obviously underestimated the course requirements.

    You now have the hard decision of deciding to reduce your workload or reduce your income because your qualification will be worthless if you don't actually learn something.
    sarahk, Jun 7, 2010 IP
    roopajyothi likes this.
  6. idmesspass

    idmesspass Peon

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    i know you are right, but to learn it will take much,much time and if i pay a coder i will learn from his work at the end.
    roopajyothi i know you want to make advertise to your threads but i dont have the time , thank you and for the future i hope not to receive that kind of messages from bored people like her.
    Thank you to all for your help/sugestions.
    idmesspass, Jun 8, 2010 IP
  7. roopajyothi

    roopajyothi Active Member

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    Studies help you to gain knowledge and not to hire some one and extracting their ideas at the end
    There's nothing in the end after you have got the script ready
    You will just have a look in it and everything will work as you asked and you can easily get into it
    But the purpose of assigning this job to you by your teachers is to twist your mind and get things done

    Until you dig your mind you won't get anything

    Also its not advertising to my thread and there's no link that links to my site
    Its Just a Thread by Me for Beginners Guide to PHP
    Whether you care or not, i don't need
    Just the help here is voluntary and i don't get anything here for helping you or others!
    Just as a Human i helped you to put into the path but you said no by quoting as Advert and Boring!
    So leave that!
    Thanks :)
    roopajyothi, Jun 8, 2010 IP
    sarahk likes this.
  8. silviuks

    silviuks Peon

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    no offense, but i think it took longer to translate & write the post, than searching for a solution.
    as for picking on someone who tries to help you ... sorry mate, but you're on the wrong way ...
    silviuks, Jun 9, 2010 IP