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Buying Help me Increase my SERP/Rank on Google.com and Google.co.uk And get Paid :)

Discussion in 'Services' started by Khaludi92, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Someone to get my website ( Stream Live Football ) in top 3 on the Keyword " Stream Live football " on Google.com and .co.uk

    URL = www.streamlivesports.net

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for someone to help me Increase my website's SERP on the desired keyword on google.com and .co.uk

    I have a Couple of Keywords that I am aiming to increase my Ranking on. But I will try the Service provider for my First keyword, And if I like him, I will be handing him the responsibility to increase my Rank on the other 9 keywords that i aiming for.

    The first Keyword I would want to increase my rank on is "Stream Live football" - Am currently ranked number 9th on page 1 on Google.co.uk and 7th on Page 1 on google.com. I understand that its not granteed to get me number 1, So will being paying for every little progress in the results. but I want you to atleast aim for getting me in top 3 of the keyword.


    1 - Black Hat or Gray Hat Trick users

    2 - People who use softwares to get the job done!

    3 - New to Digital Point

    4- Dont have Experience in the Feild

    If the problem is with the onpage optimization, Then You can let me know And I will be glad to make nessacery changes on the page.

    Please make sure that I wont Pay a big amount Upfront! I'll just pay like %20 percent upfront. Rest of the 80% will be paid along the way. For instance, I'll pay 10% upfront ( advanced ) , + 20% After you get me top 5, + 40% After you get me number 3. Remaining 30% after getting me number 2 or number 1.

    if you dont like the deal, we can negotiate a bit and do it a little here and there..

    I want the job done quiet fast, but not that fast that i get penalized or sandboxed by google!

    Who ever is interested to Work, Please tell me your bid for getting me in top 3 on the keyword " Stream Live football " . I will go with the lowest bidder with the best experience and Rep.
    Khaludi92, Jun 22, 2011 IP