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Help me DP mates!! I ve some adsense application queries

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by haroldleetexas, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Hi friends,

    I recently got my adsense application quashed by google saying that it has inappropriate content.

    Well, this is my website http://tinyurl.com/2ccgrbu
    [am afraid that google wud punish my site if I put up the original URL here, or may be I am a noob :(]

    Well, after going through the adsense section I've realized that there must be a disclosure of some kind in the website.

    IS there some thing else that I should do to get this website approved..?May be I should have asked a suggestion to all DP mates before applying for DP :(. I did a great mistake by not doing that.

    I have two queries

    1) this is the subdomain and am I doing anything wrong by doing this?
    2) Can I re-apply and how?

    Looking forward to your responses.
    haroldleetexas, Sep 7, 2010 IP
  2. Digital_shubhi

    Digital_shubhi Illustrious Member

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    Yes, you need not to use sub-domain atleast when applying for Adsense.
    And you can reapply with same email you used.
    Digital_shubhi, Sep 7, 2010 IP
  3. haroldleetexas

    haroldleetexas Peon

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    Well, thanks shubi. But, there is one problem. The home page of this website has only few contents[19 in one year] as it contains only the latest updates regarding the site. Well, shall I apply with the home page as it is or shall I put some more contents and apply?
    haroldleetexas, Sep 7, 2010 IP