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Help me brainstorm best solution for website

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Lizcald, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Hi everyone! New here, I need opinions and ideas on the best approach to re-design a website. Background:
    Currently our company sells products only in Home depot (nationwide both in stores and online) our current website is mostly informational (installation guides, maintenance guides, product catalogs, inventory etc) everything in the website directs them through different ways to home depot (i.e "find your nearest store" - points them to the home depot store locator, our product match service points them at the end to home depot, catalogs all mention home depot etc.

    Here's the challenge: We are going to be offering the same brand (but a different line) at Lowe's, but in limited locations so our website now needs to also include Lowe's. Obviously we have new Lowes catalogs and other marketing material specific to Lowe's but the challenge is how do we help differentiate what's in Lowe's and what is in HP.
    Some ideas have been creating an entry landing page that directs them to either our HP or Lowe's selection (where the HP side would be our current website and Lowe's would be a much simpler micro-side or landing page) however this is not ideal as we don't want to split customers from the beginning to choose one retailer over the other as the style of products is different but in the same category. I need ideas and opinions on what would be the best approach or examples of other companies doing something similar if you know of any.

    Lizcald, Sep 26, 2019 IP
  2. Hallozen

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    Why don't you look for your competitors. You can take ideas from them and come up with your business model and expertise. Crunchbase is a great platform for competitor research.
    Hallozen, Sep 26, 2019 IP