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Help ! ! ! Gmail account

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by shibs, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone in DP,
    i am having a problem with my gmail account.

    I am having the GMAIL(admin@mstecworld.com) account with google Apps and i had a Domain (MSTECWORLD.com) which got expired few months back. And this was provided to me by the company who did the hosting of my site , i tried to contact them but they got shut down.
    Now the problem is that i m able to send emails from the account but cannot receive mail from last 3 -4 months, and this email account is very necessary for me.

    I dont know why this problem occurred, IS IT BECAUSE MY DOMAIN EXPIRED?

    Can anyone fix it for me? or help me in fixing it so that i can again receive email on the above mentioned account.
    If you can help plz add me on skype: shibs.dhar
    and we can discuss on the resolution and if there is any bucks involved.
    shibs, Sep 14, 2012 IP
  2. akos

    akos Member

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    apparently, your domain name expired, deleted, and someone registered it on 23-jul-2012.

    you can still access your google apps account, and send emails, but you can't receive emails because the domain name no longer uses google apps' mx records.

    the only way to fix it is to get (buy) the domain name from the person who registered it, and set the mx records to use google apps'.
    akos, Sep 14, 2012 IP