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Help for beginner

Discussion in 'PHP' started by paul7777, Jul 29, 2006.

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    I am trying to install my first every PHP directory! i have tried my best to follow the "install" instructions that came with the site as per below, but i seem to have hit a brick wall, please please could anybody help me by taking a quick look at the site here: http://www.webfootarts.com and check the instructions below and hopefully point out to me were i have gone wrong.

    1. Upload the files in the archive to your host.

    2. Change permissions on the following file and four folders to 777
    - include/config.php
    - temp/
    - temp/adodb
    - temp/cache
    - temp/templates

    If the folders do not exist please create them.

    3. Access the installer/updater by trying to go to the directory.
    It should forward you to http://www.your-domain.com/install/ ,
    if it doesn't try typing in the URL directly.

    For example, if you installed the directory in a sub folder
    of your domain it may look like this:

    4. Run through the self explained setup, if you have any questions,
    comments or suggestions stop by the forum:

    5. As a security measure, we recommend you change back permissions
    to 755 on the file:
    - include/config.php
    You can also remove the entire "install" folder.
    If you want to (re)install/update on a later point, you can upload
    the folder again.

    6. If you are running your directory under a subfolder of your domain (example: http://www.your-domain.com/directory/)
    please edit the .htaccess file.
    In this case you need to add the foldername in the "ErrorDocument 404" statement:

    - ErrorDocument 404 directory/index.php?httpstatus=404
    paul7777, Jul 29, 2006 IP