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Help/Feedback: Interaction with virtual character

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by trox86, Apr 18, 2019.

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    Hey guys, I'm conducting a short psychological study for my thesis on social interactions. First, you'd do me huge favor if you participated (it's of course anonymous): https://www.soscisurvey.de/animation/ THANK YOU!
    Also, as you will see I'm using a virtual character in the study and would love to receive constructive criticism in order to optimize it. However, for the study please ignore the potential weak points of the presentation and just imagine the situation. :D

    Thanks a lot!
    trox86, Apr 18, 2019 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I looked at the English version but got no sound with the animation so the questions don't really work.

    sarahk, Apr 18, 2019 IP