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Help creating javascript choose your own adventure

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by Hqman, Nov 28, 2017.

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    I was wondering if anyone in the community could help me use javascript to create a choose your own adventure for a project, I was hoping to make it pokemon themed. I have a little bit of it but I was hoping someone could help me add to it. I would myself but I am very new to this and I have no idea how to add more to the possible options and make the game last longer with deeper pathways so far this is what I have

    var Chimchar = prompt("You are leaving Twin Leaf Town and you cross a bush with a wild Chimchar, do you FIGHT or RUN ").toUpperCase();

    switch (Chimchar) {
    case 'FIGHT':
    var turtwig = prompt("do you play turtwig, you have a piplup (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
    var piplup = prompt("you play piplup, hit yes to continue").toUpperCase();
    if (turtwig === 'NO' || piplup === 'YES') {
    prompt("Piplup uses swim and the chimchar faints, the water move is very effective against the fire type ");
    } else {
    prompt("Chimchar uses flamethrower and you faint, the fire type move is very effective against your grass type ");

    case 'CATCH':
    var pokeball = prompt("DO you want to throw a pokeball (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();

    if (pokeball === 'YES' ) {
    prompt("You throw the pokeball, it rattles for a little bit and then it turns red, showing you that you have caught the pokemon ");
    } else {
    Prompt("The pokemon runs away ");
    case 'RUN':
    var RUN = prompt("are you sure you want to run (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();

    if (RUN === 'YES' ) {

    prompt("You run away suffering no consequences and return to Twin leaf Town ");
    if (RUN === 'NO' ){
    prompt("You continue looking for other pokemon so that you can catch them all");

    prompt("I didn't understand your choice. Hit Run and try again, this time picking FIGHT, PAY, or RUN!");

    I would really appreciate any advice or additional code-thanks
    Hqman, Nov 28, 2017 IP