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Selling Help Change The World + Get Cheap Articles .. 30 Articles For $100

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Freemuscle, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    Firstly, I will discuss the 'changing the world part' .. I am a 20 year old student in the UK, and I have always had a passion for Chinese culture and the way they live. Last month, I was tired of being told I will make nothing of myself, so I decided to suck it up and buy a plane ticket to Beijing, China.

    Whilst I am out there, I will be volunteering at a couple of local organisations, including an orphanage and a local school. I have always wanted to help under privileged children get the most out of life, and I am hoping I can do that this year!

    I have booked a flight for September, and I have some nearby accommodation, however, I need spending money and something to live off .. That's why I am offering this service!

    Now, on to the service itself:

    I am an article writer, and Part-Time SEO. I have been active on other forums for about 3 years now, and I have provided content for tons of satisfied clients. Over the last couple of month, my work load has dried up considerably, so I am having to take drastic measures if I am indeed going to make it to China.

    I typically charge in the region of $1.1 - $1.3 per 100 words, but since I am in dire need of some money, I am driving my price down to just $3.30 per 500 word article. However, to keep the price so cheap, I am only able to accept orders of 25 articles, or more.

    I will turn around your articles within 14 days, and they will be of great quality, and SEO optimized. This service is perfect for people with a large amount of articles which need completing, and people who are building new sites and need content which they can drip feed to them. Whatever the reason, I'm sure you can see how much of a bargain this is!

    You can see a couple of my samples here:


    You can PM me for more information, inquiries, and payment information.

    All the best

    L J
    Freemuscle, Apr 8, 2012 IP