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Hell friends i am start a new forum need help?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by techabout.org, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Dear i am start a forum few days ago but no member join my forum.My forum is about pc,mobile,,seo,designing adsens discussion so please tell me what we do for increase my site traffic.
    techabout.org, Dec 4, 2014 IP
  2. mnmani

    mnmani Well-Known Member

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    it looks like you have moved forum to MyBB script.
    whatever is the forum script it is difficult to attract new members.
    IMO, Rome was not built in a day - it takes lot of hard work to build up.
    just have patience and try to improve content - both quality and quantity.
    All The Best
    mnmani, Dec 6, 2014 IP
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  3. IG2010

    IG2010 Well-Known Member

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    You do need to add content as mnmani said, Rome was not built in one day, without content, you will not attract new members (nor existing actually), on my forums, I usually have 60% of all topics and posts in the first 2/3 month (200/250)

    Also if you do have some cash to spare, create a contest or something, might attract people
    IG2010, Dec 7, 2014 IP
  4. Patricia Ann Lee

    Patricia Ann Lee Active Member

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    Before you establish a forum (or like any other site), you might have at least ask yourself this question,
    "What makes my forum site different from the other forums that is relevant to mine? What will make it interesting to users?"
    And then, you will be able to come to an idea that will make your forum (not that much) but a bit unique and invaluable to others.
    Patricia Ann Lee, Dec 7, 2014 IP
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  5. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    You've fallen into the trap of making your forum too big too quickly - you need to let it evolve and create the new categories as they are needed. That creates the painful job of wading through old posts to see if they need to be moved but it's worth it.

    Now, I don't know you, but my next big question would be "why do I want to use your empty forum". Once upon a time dp was just like that and there were a few really good reasons why many users from one forum jumped ship and came here. If you haven't got a good base of people who want to use your forum because they like/respect you then you are in trouble. You may have to run competitions (worked well for weberdev back in the day) or advertise and spend a lot of money.

    Have you written a business plan? I totally recommend that. Find a template online and go through the process of filling in all the sections. If you are going to devote your time to a project it needs to be worth it.
    sarahk, Dec 7, 2014 IP