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Hashtags for Instagram-selection

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Markussss, Dec 27, 2019.

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    Social network Instagram has several functions: it allows you to meet new people, follow their lives, learn from their experience, search for useful information and Express their approval of certain events. Here you can find a large number of beautiful photos and useful videos.

    You can find them using tags for Instagram. It is enough to drive them into the search bar and click on the link. But they can also work in the opposite direction, so that people know about you. Let's look at how the selection of hashtags for Instagram is performed.

    What is a hashtag on Instagram

    A tag is any word, and sometimes an entire sentence, that is written without spaces after the # sign. The grid will become a link that you can click on to get to the content marked with this tag. For example, by entering the hashtag # Kazan, you will be taken to photos of this city.

    Purpose of hashtags under the photo
    Instagram tags are needed for the following purposes:

    page promotion is a free way to attract new subscribers;
    attracting customers to your online store;
    associations with you if you come up with your tag;
    make it easier for other users to search your profile (for example, # forstcondition will display all publications that mention delivery information);
    tracking reviews, publishing them on your page, getting free advertising (this is convenient, for example, if you have your own online store and have a personal tag);
    ease of tracking information by users (for example, if you are running a marathon or giveaway).

    Most popular tags on Instagram

    When using marks in a social network, you must follow the following rules:
    You can use up to thirty tags per post.
    Periodic change of marks will allow to attract more users.
    You can use numbers as well as letters in a tag, as well as underscores that replace spaces.
    The tag should be set immediately after posting, not after a few hours.
    On closed accounts, you do not need marks – they are not taken into account in the General flow.

    Here are some examples of marks that are popular in Insta:


    How not to use tags
    There are marks that do not help to promote the page, and prevent it or just do not give results:

    Tags from the black list. This includes Mat, calls for extremism, violence and terrorism, insults.
    Solid tags — they are good for pages of naked beautiful girls, but not for business pages.
    Long tags-no one will drive in the search string
    Markussss, Dec 27, 2019 IP
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  2. joycenye

    joycenye Greenhorn

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    How many hashtags is suitable for Instagram?
    joycenye, Jan 7, 2020 IP
  3. JEET

    JEET Notable Member

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    Nice informative post, liked it
    JEET, Jan 7, 2020 IP
  4. ellastien

    ellastien Greenhorn

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    Thanks for sharing this kind of informative and useful post. But one question Is Instagram trending hashtag effective?
    ellastien, Jan 7, 2020 IP
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  5. tanikacampos

    tanikacampos Greenhorn

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    Generally, you can use 10-15 hashtag in a post.
    tanikacampos, Jan 7, 2020 IP