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GWT shows 1 blocked url but no warning

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by skin1607, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I am seeing 1 Blocked URL in my Google Webmaster Tools account since a month ago under Google Index >> Index status (Advanced).

    But I am unable to find that actually which URL is blocked ? My robots.txt is the same as it was previous and there is no warning in GWT >> Sitemaps.

    I am asking this question because I faced a huge drop in my search traffic since this error occurred. (From 600-700 unique visitors to 10-12 visitors in a day). And this drop happened in a single day after a server error which causes my site urls to redirect infinitely.
    The server error was fixed after a couple of hours but this '1 blocked url' and no search traffic even after a whole month is making me worried.

    The site is indexed in Google as I can see by searching for site:mysite.com in google.

    Please help ! thanks in advance.
    skin1607, Sep 21, 2013 IP
  2. PhilipSEO

    PhilipSEO Well-Known Member

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    Hi, this is possibly complicated. But the one thing I propose you try is regenerate and resubmit your XML sitemaps after everything has been cleaned up on the site.

    Also, see if your home page is properly indexed. Check your rankings and investigate in Analytics and Google WMT what rankings may have dropped and what pages that used to get a lot of traffic are not getting it any more.
    PhilipSEO, Oct 30, 2013 IP
  3. smithangela

    smithangela Greenhorn

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    create latest sitemap.xml for your site & resubmit on GWT. also check server response of all landing pages & do proper 404 redirection in case of page not found.Hope this will helps you to get your traffic back to 600-700.
    smithangela, Nov 12, 2013 IP

    EWEBAC Member

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    You just need to check the broken link or 404 errors... As you told that your server issue was occurred just check login in the ftp everything is perfect over there or not...
    EWEBAC, Dec 5, 2013 IP