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Gun control at its finest - California shooting

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by r3dt@rget, Jun 7, 2013.

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    This story broke this afternoon. It didn't initially get much attention and the details were sketchy. But now 7 people are reported dead and more injured. It appears at least one gunmen went on a mass shooting spree that ended at a college library. Witnesses reported the shooter wearing "combat" and "tactical" gear including a bullet proof vest and helmet. He was equipped with a semi-automatic rifle which we can assume was defined in the state of California as an assault rifle.

    As sad as it is to hear about innocent men and women being mowed down with bullets by a madman, one has to wonder how the states extremely strict gun laws affected the situation. This is just another example of how the criminally motivated crazy people always find ways to get the weapons that governments don't want good citizens to have. Now I am not arguing that if the innocent people had guns they could have stopped him, or that if Cali didn't have gun control laws this wouldn't have happened. I am simply saying that the states decades old law banning semi-automatic rifles, magazines over 10 rounds, and other gun control did absolutely nothing to prevent this mass shooting.
    It's pretty safe to say that strict gun control laws like banning "assault rifles" have no effect at all. Clearly they do not stop the violent mass shooting sprees that we have seen recently. The states with the toughest gun control laws are the ones that have actually had the mass shootings.

    Furthermore, I want to express my anger towards state governments for not allowing concealed carry on college campuses. To deny the innocent students that died today the ability to carry personal defense is a tragedy in itself. It should be a free choice to decide to carry a defense tool to school. One has to wonder what would have been different had a permitted concealed carry holder been packing heat today. Maybe one less person would have died. It's fine if you personally disagree with carrying a weapon, but if you deny everyone else the ability then you take away the small chance that it could save lives.
    r3dt@rget, Jun 7, 2013 IP