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[guide] how to make money online using cpa

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by spikednet, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I will teach you how to make money online without a website. This method is easy and will take you a few days to make some $50-100 /day automatically.

    It will require CPA (CLICK PER ACTION) to make money. Basically people will either have to give their email (and you make $1-5 per email ) or their zipcode.


    2. Make sure your information is correct because they verify everything.

    3. Once they accept you (should be easy), you should sign and choose an offer. The best ones are the top ones that are either zip code or email (email is better).

    Some of their Ads that pay (they literally have a **** load)
    Modern Warfare 3 and Gamestop Gift Card Registration =
    $2.00 /each sign up => 5 signups (easy) x $2.00 = $10

    $250 McDonald's Arch Card: Get a free $250 McDonalds arch card
    $1.6 (for each email) => 5 emails x $1.6 = $8

    They have a banner or referral link.

    4. Go to facebook/myspace (or if you have a website), and post it in to different groups that allow posting. People will start to sign up.

    5. You can create fake facebook accounts and start posting links.

    spikednet, Nov 17, 2011 IP