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GUI for LAMP stack with ubuntu on WSL2 for website development

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by M00N0i, Jun 7, 2020.

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    Currently I am using WAMPserver on Windows, I'm very happy with it, but Drupal requires Drush and Composer for website maintenance and updates, all the literature is written for linux.

    So I am looking into using WSL2 with ubuntu - and I am looking for a tool similar to WAMPserver for ubuntu

    What I particularly appreciate in WAMPserver is that everything comes pre-installed and pre-configured, and the program takes care of creating new vhosts, etc. as needed, no need to do anything in the Windows hosts file, etc. It just works directly out of the box. Also, changing PHP or MySQL versions takes just a mouseclick, for example I can click database->mysql 5.6 and then PHP version->5.56, services-> restart and it's done. Or activating and deactivating Apache modules, setting PHP parameters, etc.

    I was using XAMPP for Windows before and ditched it for WAMPserver because XAMPP for Windows was too unflexible. But maybe that has changed and the new XAMPP for linux is more comfortable to use?
    And what is it like to work on WSL2 for website development? Can I just push files around Windows and ubuntu? does copy-paste work?

    I'd be happy if anyone in the same situation could share his thoughts please.
    M00N0i, Jun 7, 2020 IP
  2. M00N0i

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    ok, I found out WSL2 won't support GUI without some serious tinkering, so that's a no-go.

    so, if I want to develop on ubuntu/WSL2 anyway, how would I go about pushing files around between Windows and ubuntu? how do you edit the files? does copy-paste work from Windows to WSL2 and back?
    Or if developing on ubuntu/WSL2 isn't directly possible, how can I access the files through windows for development?
    M00N0i, Jun 7, 2020 IP