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Selling Guest Posting Services on High Quality Sites

Discussion in 'Services' started by websolutions85, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Hello Folks!

    I'm an experienced guest blogger, doing guest Blogging since 2010. I've been working for several clients since 2010. I have more than 2000 High Quality Blogs where i can post your content. At the same time, I can provide writing services if you want me to write.

    Just tell me your niche, minimum DA/PA, traffic (search, links, etc.), TF and CF and i will get back to you with tens of websites. Make sure that your website isn't commercial type and should not have a sales-type landing page.

    I can provide guest blogging service on almost every niche except Gambling, porn, pharmacy, adult and violence.
    Payment Modes are: PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin.

    Turn Around Time: Depend on website.

    If you want to see my sample work, just ping me here or privately.

    Looking forward to have a long term business with you.

    websolutions85, Jan 28, 2020 IP
  2. markbatham2009

    markbatham2009 Active Member

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    I'm looking for Travel niche guest posts (targeted audience is USA< UK, Japan, Taiwan, Korea) , let me know your list of this niche.
    Also, do you have the guest posting site of Chinese (Both Simplified and Traditional) & Korean languages of travel Niche? If yes, please share them also.
    markbatham2009, Feb 20, 2020 IP