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Got a website for sale...READ THIS!!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Abe008, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Looking to buy website (s) that already have a steady / consistent stream of traffic plus income. Site must be making a minimum of $4 - $100 / day via adsense, YPN other ad networks or affiliate networks. Minimum of $200 monthly (after all expenses) a month. This income must be verifiable and proven for at least 6 months ( 180 days). Website should require little to no maintenance to run and manage. Income must be verifiable and provable by my team of developers. We will also consider if you have someone who promotes the sites for you and will be willing to stay on as a employee to promote the sites. Also partial site sales or limited or full partnership agreements for larger site with income sharing arrangements will also be entertained. All offers should meet our requirements below or questions will be replied to. Reply or contact via PM also encouraged.


    * Complete sites with blog,forum, article section, etc (Must be unique content, no template sites, article directories etc)
    * Site must NOT be banned by Google, Yahoo, MSN (YPN, Adsense or any other Ad Networks) Layout /setup must be in compliance with ad network TOS.
    * Established for 1 (one) year or a minimum of 6 months.
    * Sites must have adsense or YPN running on them or can be integrated easily.
    * All websites MUST have a PR0+ rating. Which means (white bar) NO Gray PR bar.
    * Must be generating revenue on a daily or weekly basis. Revenue can be from affiliate networks, Adsense, YPN, Clickbank, etc)
    * Content rich site with at least 40% organic traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) results or your existing link promotions.
    * Website(s) should not dependent on a single search engine results (Google) as their primary source of organic traffic.
    * Site must have extensions of .com, .net or .info ONLY.
    * Sites with unique content (no duplicate content, variations to contents from other sites etc)
    * Full transfer of all content plus rights (Copyright, domain, licenses, software’s, CMS, site specific technology, marketing plan etc )
    * Payment will be made via escrow.com, credit card payment systems or MONEYBOOKERS only.


    URL of Site
    Traffic Stats & Site Stats ( Screenshots, including source, explain any drop in traffic pattern etc)
    Complete Revenue Stats (Most recent 180 days of income & profit figures)
    Revenue Stream (s) used
    Reason for Sale
    How long has the revenue continued?
    General Advertising Methods used (What you have done or currently doing to promote the site). Just basic info.
    Site Expenses (software/ script costs, hosting, maintenance, employee expense, advertising,link costs, seo plus all monthly / yearly costs to maintain the site)
    Time Required to Maintain / Promote the site (Preference given to automated setup or a setup that requires little to no maintenance or time spent on our side)
    Price you desire for the Site
    Did you do any SEO?
    Payment type being accepted


    Adult, gambling, template sites, lyrics, ring tone sites, script sites, P2p,gaming, celeb, hosting, proxy, my space related Sites, sites offering unlicensed copyright / trademark content.


    Established Blog Sites (Must be unique content)
    Facebook App sites
    Clickbank Site ( Must be your own product)
    Credit Card / Loan / Affiliate Site
    Review Sites
    Financial Sites (Credit Card, Mortgages, Loans etc)
    Software sites
    Video Sites
    Tutorial Website
    Affiliate Sites
    Sites with unique content
    Software Site ( No Template Please)
    Community sites
    Social sites
    eBook sites (Must be very unique content w/ Clickbank, 2Checkout setup)


    We have a budget up to $XX,XXX.XX. If we agree on the offer, you may sign a purchase contract plus a non compete and / or a non disclosure agreement upon acceptance of your offer.


    If you have a question or are in doubt whether your site will fit our specific requirements, Email us. When emailing please use the email heading of " DP: Website for Sale Offer " as your topic. If you do not put this heading in the email, chances are that our spam filters will filter your email out and it will not be read or replied back to. Emails will be replied back in 48 hours or less.

    Do you know of a website that the owner is considering possibly for sale or a site you are yourself thinking of selling? It can also be listed here on the web or any other sites that sells website. However, it should meet the requirements listed above. If so email me just basic info like income, traffic stats, type of site (URL not necessary), how long the site's been around and any other details that will be helpful along with your email and IM contact info (skype, Yahoo, MSN preferred). I will tell you about my special offer details. Make easy and fast $$$.


    Abe008, Oct 22, 2007 IP