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Gosh - Gee - We're having SO-0 much fuN

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by ! !, Jun 15, 2004.

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    A Microsoft Hosted Animation Solution that has made a remarkable difference in OUR clients sites.

    Using these 3-D characters to either give out Phone Numbers or Upsell after a sale has been close 0r requesting visitors to place bookmarks of Websites has seen activity increase by about 50% in a few test cases


    These are Microsoft Hosted 3-D characters that you can copy and paste a variety of customizable small javascripts on your page to animated these characters.

    (if you chose to - you can download and host them and others.)

    They speak in several lanquages - and are display both sound and written words on the screen. They disappear when they are programmed to do so.

    Though, They have been around for several years , their current improvements, and the improvements in computers in general - now make them a friendly additon to Ecommerce or information sites


    If you are not familiar with these animations - we have temporarily placed one on our homepage as an example

    why not try one today... :eek:

    more info can be found here:





    ! !, Jun 15, 2004 IP