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Google's new penalty type or bug ?

Discussion in 'Google' started by springlink, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. #1

    - website 1 year old
    - in the last PR update gained PR5 from PR4 (about 1 month ago)
    - hundreds of back links Google registered in the Googlebar and thousands of links in GWT
    - rich and useful content, reviews, maps etc...
    - affiliate links
    - over 5 thousand pages
    - all content unique
    - no RSS etc...
    - no spamming, no link buying, no comment spamming, no email sending, only natural links and few link exchanges - all of them good neighbors and theme sites
    - own fast server, own IP just for this website

    about 3 weeks ago - drop from SERPs from #1-25 to #300-500, some keywords got lost totally, Google traffic almost ZERO (about 90-95% G traffic drop) - THIS LAST FOR ABOUT 24 HOURS

    then the website came back to its original position and G traffic, after 7 days again the same drop in G traffic for about 3-4 hours and again, G traffic got back.
    After another 7 days again G traffic drop to 5% of its original state and it lasts for about 10 days till now.

    - PR keeps the same - PR5 - some subpages even gained higher pagerank few days ago
    - number of links registered by Googlebar got higher in last 4-5 days
    - all the pages are in the G index, but for the keyword they were in top #1-30, they are now #150-700
    - LONG TALEs 99% LOST, NO LONG TALEs IN G SERPs, just few short keywords/day now
    - if I put the website name with spaces to G search (e.g. blue widgets tool), then we are #1 in SERPs
    - if I copy and past some UNIQUE text (e.g. 15 words sentence - original text) from homepage into G search, then we are not in the TOP100 in SERPs. If I put this sentence into quotes "", then it is #1
    - G cache shows actual page, indexed few days ago, so G indexes our pages and updates its cache results
    - GWT shows lower number of pages visited daily - drop about 50%

    it looks as some kind of penalty, but I think, if it is penalty, then PR, number of links and G indexing would go down, but it's not happening - even opposite - more links and higher PR...

    some G bug?
    anybody experienced such Google behavior? any advice what it can mean?
    springlink, Nov 29, 2009 IP
  2. anujain75

    anujain75 Peon

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    Was your website down for few days ? I did get something similar when one of my websites was down for 3 days because of server issue. The traffic went down and from google. But thhing were back to normal in 3 weeks.
    anujain75, Nov 29, 2009 IP
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  3. springlink

    springlink Peon

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    no, the site was not down - we have outage checking service, which checks every 10 minutes, if the website is online and we did not experienced any outages for at least 5-6 months
    springlink, Nov 29, 2009 IP
  4. kdenisk

    kdenisk Active Member

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    Sorry for general words, but it can be anything. Watch it a couple of days. If nothing changes, then active actions to be done.
    kdenisk, Nov 29, 2009 IP