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Google Unveils 'Smarter Search'

Discussion in 'Google' started by hbl, May 13, 2009.

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    Web giant Google has unveiled new products that it says will push search in a new direction.

    Google is using so-called semantic web technology to leverage the underlying data on websites to enhance results.

    "The race in search is far from over and innovation and continued improvement is absolutely pivotal," said Google's Marissa Mayer.

    Google said it could not afford to rest on its laurels in the quest to build the perfect search engine.

    Google has over 63% of the US market compared to rival Yahoo with 20%.

    "I've said this many times but search is still in its infancy. Our engineers are worried about what is the next big thing in search and how are they going to find it," said Ms Mayer who is the vice president of search products and user experience.

    She said last year Google released over 365 products and in the first quarter of this year it was 120. Ms Mayer added that this was proof that "Google gets better all the time."

    Google has in the past said that despite its lead in the marketplace, users were "one click away" from switching to other alternatives.
    Vanessa Fox of SearchEngineLand told the BBC that Google's ability to constantly innovate gives them a leading edge.

    "Google is saying we have to provide for all searchers and do things at scale. It means they have to launch all sorts of features while some companies can concentrate on just one thing. The key thing behind why they are still ahead is because they are able to innovate at such a pace," said Ms Fox.

    Read the Full Article Here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8047076.stm
    hbl, May 13, 2009 IP
  2. Nixies

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    Did they give any details about what smarter search actually does and how it is different from their present search?
    Nixies, May 13, 2009 IP