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Google Tag Manager Tracking Problems

Discussion in 'Traffic Analysis' started by Letzride, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Not sure how to fix this or even how to explain it really so bare with my and my lack of knowledge that I am trying to learn about websites.

    I have two website that I would like to track outbound links for which are the following:
    1) highperformancejunkies.com
    2) Camarov6.com

    After about 6 hours of trying to figure out how to set up the google tag manager I finally found a step by step that I followed which is here for reference purposes: http://growthaddict.com/outbound-link-tracking/

    Now, my tag manager for my first site highperformancejunkies.com seems to be working great...I have tested the trigger multiple times and everything registers...awesome.
    My problem is.... my second website... Camarov6.com - it seems to register any clicks as and outbound link of itself. It also seems to randomly count odd links from highperformancejunkies.com

    Thinking I made a mistake...I went through about 10 times and can't see where something may have gone wrong...I triple checked the code I put in the header, I triple checked the Google Analytic code....I deleted the whole damn thing and redid it...3 times now...all with the same result - so I am stumped.

    I do have both my websites using the same google analytics just under different properties - i.e one is under GA code UA-XXXXXXXX-1 and the other is under UA-XXXXXXX-2

    I have also attached two photos of my settings for reference - have I gone crazy? or is there something really silly I have overlooked?

    analytics1.PNG analytics2.PNG
    Letzride, Dec 26, 2017 IP
  2. Letzride

    Letzride Member

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    so this is how my camarov6.com site registers clicks on google analytics - it seems to only register what pages are responsible for the outbound links as if it can't see what the actual link URL is ... I am wondering now maybe if that is because it is a secure site and maybe google analytics needs a beacon? (an ad company required me to put a beacon in my coding so that their ad software could actually "see" traffic and display an ad ... wonder if that may be part of the same issue here?

    See attached photo for how google analytics is reading for camarov6 site: camaro site issues.PNG

    versus the other site on google analytics will tell me the exact URL in the event action of where the click went to (which is what I want)
    Letzride, Dec 26, 2017 IP
  3. QiSoftware

    QiSoftware Well-Known Member

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    I have just implemented the Google Tag Manager throughout my site and updated all of my Google Analytics tags to the Universal Tag Format. I have about 10 Google Properties under one account.

    I have been researching on how others are using the Google Tag Manager to report site performance and like your post in that I am trying to do similar things.

    At this time I cannot help with any of your issues, as I too- am trying to come up to speed, however I found your information helpful. Thanks especially for the issues you have presented and the link to this post: growthaddict.com/outbound-link-tracking.

    QiSoftware, Feb 26, 2018 IP