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Google Sitemap Question

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by noniman, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I started using Google sitemap several weeks ago. It’s all working fine apart from several HTTP errors for pages which do not exist anymore or have been renamed for nearly a year.
    After reading through this forum, I decided to put some permanent redirects in place via the .htaccess file. I now ended up with over 30 redirects not all pointing to the same file and just wonder if this amount of redirects is classed as spam or a bad thing to do in general.
    If so, what other options do I have to get these pages out of Google’s system or shouldn’t I worry about them at all since I was reading somewhere that Google will eventually take pages it can’t find out of there system anyway.
    noniman, Nov 2, 2005 IP
  2. seo-ireland

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    Google shouldn't have a problem with the quantity of "301" permanent redirects. This is helping them after all.

    Options to get pages out of the Google index are:
    - Block the pages using robots.txt
    - Return a 404 header when the pages are accessed
    - Add the meta tag: <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> to the top of each page
    - Stop linking to the pages within the site.

    Eventually the pages should become supplemental results and sometime in the future disappear from the Google index.
    seo-ireland, Nov 2, 2005 IP