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Google Site Operator broken!

Discussion in 'Google' started by contactsonia, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Earlier it was showing 45000+ pages indexed and all of sudden it is showing 300 results. Anybody other facing the same issues?
    contactsonia, Feb 5, 2007 IP
  2. Guardian

    Guardian Active Member

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    Same issues with several web sites. One was showing around 2500+ now showing 300. Also had one showing 4000+ now showing about 400.
    Guardian, Feb 5, 2007 IP
  3. sachin410

    sachin410 Illustrious Member

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    Nothing to worry about. One of my sites isn't even showing for "site:". However the pages are indexed and show up for various search terms.

    First I thought it got banned, but it has been like this for over a month and traffic from Google is increasing everyday.
    sachin410, Feb 5, 2007 IP
  4. contactsonia

    contactsonia Active Member

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    Thanks sachin!

    Yes, I am also getting good traffic from Google but when I saw no results with site operator all of sudden, I started getting worried for a moment.

    Now I feel much relaxed :D
    contactsonia, Feb 5, 2007 IP
  5. rustybrick

    rustybrick User ID 3

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    Can you give examples of this?
    rustybrick, Feb 5, 2007 IP
  6. mcdar

    mcdar Peon

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    I have also found this happening to one of my sites!

    It started on Jan 24th and it seems to be 'slowly leaking' by the day.

    Here is what I have recorded:
    1/23/2007 - 998 of about 1,540 (it has been stable at this for MONTHS)

    1/24/2007 - 338 of about 1,540
    1/25/2007 - 338 of about 1,540
    1/26/2007 - 183 of about 1,540
    1/27/2007 - 177 of about 1,540
    1/28/2007 - 177 of about 1,540
    1/29/2007 - 149 of about 1,490
    1/30/2007 - 37 of about 1,580
    1/31/2007 - 34 of about 1,580
    2/1/2007 - 34 of about 1,580
    2/2/2007 - 34 of about 1,590
    2/3/2007 - 15 of about 1,580
    2/4/2007 - 9 of about 1,580
    2/5/2007 - 8 of about 1,580

    Clicking on repeat the search with the omitted results included. returns 1000 of about 1590 of my pages and it is important to note that none are listed as "Supplimental".

    PLEASE NOTE: For me - My traffic was initially not effected BUT dropped to a trickle on Feb 1st.

    Looking over my records - I found the same sort of 'phenomenon' happened back on Oct 6th and 7th - BUT lasted only two days at that time.

    My records indicate that it was ALSO being discussed at that time, in this forum! (sorry, I don't have a link to that earlier discussion)


    edited to add: Also, another 'odd' phenomenon I have recorded is since Jan 6th this site has also experienced unusually heavy Google spidering 16 out of the last 30 days. The 'normal' spidering for this site (recorded daily over the last entire year) has been on a cycle of 'heavy spidering' every 4th or 5th day.

    BTW - Here is the link to the discussion back in Oct 2006: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=154084&highlight=site+search
    mcdar, Feb 5, 2007 IP